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Heavenly Messages by Melissa - January, 2014

Heavenly Messages by Melissa
Aegipan - the Sea Goat by Lynnette Shelley
Aegipan – the Sea Goat by
Lynnette Shelley

Happy New Year Friends!

Here we are at the dawn of another year and well entrenched into another century too. Interesting to consider 13 year olds have never personally known the 20th century, isn’t it?! The astrology patterns at the beginning of this new year are very interesting as well. New Year’s Day arrives on a New Moon, last time this happened was 19 years ago. There is a 2nd New Moon in January too, on 1/30. The 2nd  New Moon in one calendar month is known as a “Black Moon” versus “Blue Moon” which is a 2nd Full Moon in one month. Capricorn, you need to know about this month’s astro energies for sure. Libra and Taurus get your cosmic dose too. Read about it all below and in your Individual Messages too.

Every New Year’s Day January’s Sun shines in Capricorn, a worldly, ambitious earth sign ruled by Lord of Discipline Saturn. When born with Sun in Capricorn you are here to master the material realm and to learn the value of perseverance against all odds. Capricorn natives often struggle in their early lives, yet when they look back they realize they gained strength beyond their years which enabled them to achieve more than most. When Capricorn reaches their own peak, they realize it was worth every step.
Capricorn is one of only 2 zodiac signs which has more than one symbol (the other is Scorpio). The more recognized Capricorn symbol is the Mountain Goat representing nimble ability to set high goals and reach them. In case you have never seen a Mountain Goat in action, check out these amazing photos!

The other symbol is the Sea Goat, a mystical creature with goat’s head and front hooves but with a mer-tail to swim to depths few others reach. When Capricorn reaches their material peak they realize this is only a plateau, and many choose to dive into artistic and spiritual depths represented by the Sea Goat. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is currently traveling in the deep waters of Scorpio, so the Sea Goat symbol is one to contemplate now.
The quotes I chose of famous Sun in Capricorn people below reflect this combined quality.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ~ Edgar Allen Poe
In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth. ~ Patti Smith

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn’t, it is of no use. ~ Carlos Castaneda

I want to wish each one of you a personal Happy New Year! This is the 17th year I have been writing Heavenly Messages every month and I do if for YOU, my dear readers. To all of you Bright Blessings for 2014 and beyond!

Heavenly Messages for January 2014

Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (11° Capricorn) is on at 1/1 at 6:14a. The Full Moon (26° Cancer) is on 1/15 at 11:52p and there is a second New Moon this month (11° Aquarius) on 1/30 at 4:38p. The Sun enters Aquarius on 1/19 at 10:51p and Venus goes direct on 1/31. All times are ET – Read January’s individual signs HERE

2014 begins with a powerful cosmic connection. On 1/1 the New Moon joins the Sun and Pluto all at the exact degree of  11° Capricorn, with Mercury at 12° Cap only one degree away. This forms a tight ball of heavenly energy! Transformer Pluto has been in Capricorn for 6 years already,  slowly but surely doing the intense work of changing the world as we knew it. The fact that our solar luminaries – Moon and Sun – form this exact conjunction with Pluto on New Year’s Day foreshadows deep changes coming in 2014. Communicator Mercury is part of this important conference and is moving ahead to spread the word about how this transformation is unfolding.

You might have seen the idea of this being a “Super Moon” which is usually associated with a huge Full Moon awesome and glowing on the horizon. Apparently a New Moon can be considered “Super” too – here is a site with a good explanation.  And I liked this article by astrologer Ananur Forma  “It’s a wake up shake up call for all humanity!!!!” 

The Moon is a cyclical being and since human eyes first cast their gaze upon her, our beautiful Moon has always been associated with the changing cycles of the natural world. In astrology Moon represents emotions at both personal and public levels and indicates changing emotional rhythms experienced personally and collectively. A New Moon phase is a time of initiation; a time to plant seeds to harvest at another cycle whether that be soon – the next Full Moon perhaps, or later – larger themes in life you hope to fulfill in the ripeness of time. This makes New Year’s Day 2014 one of the best times ever to plant the seeds of your future goals!

Moon in capable, earthy Capricorn is a grown-up Moon with a mature way of viewing and experiencing life. Capricorn is governed by “Lord of Time” Saturn, ruler of form, function and discipline. A Capricorn Moon innately understands underlying structure better than any other Moon. The fact that a New Moon in Capricorn is part of this powerful conjunction on New Year’s Day indicates very important seeds are being planted for 2014 – seeds of undeniable transformation. This Capricorn conjunction says: “The world is firmly rooted into the 21st century now.” The past is rapidly receding even if many don’t want to embrace this reality.

Venus, the planet who always has your back, is in Capricorn on 1/1 too, retrograding at 26° Cap. She went into reverse on the Solstice – 12/21/13 slowing down in the heavens with fore-knowledge of this powerful Capricorn conjunction arriving 11 days later. Venus is the epitome of grace and when retro in Capricorn is an elegant cosmic star dancing backward in high heels. In other words she may not get the credit of her masculine leading men, but she is in fact much more talented and knows it! Think of Venus re-connecting with this powerful group, as an emissary coming back to make sure everyone has what they need to get their job done well. Messenger Mercury meets Venus on 1/8 to deliver a progress report, so she will be well informed. Venus moves direct again on 1/31 but will remain in Capricorn until 3/5 continuing to help everyone stay steady and calm. Call upon her if you need more peace in your life.

Speaking of leading men, Mars the very planet equated with masculinity is also at 11° on New Year’s Day - in Libra, which forms an exact square to Moon-Sun-Pluto. (In astrology when these configurations called “aspects” are in the exact degree they are considered very potent.) Squares represent challenges and once again this square is a repeat of the Cardinal Cross prevalent in the heavens for many years.
Mars in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, is not in an overly testosterony mood. Mars/Libra is more of a peace lover and excels at diplomacy. Mars entered Libra on 12/7/13 and this diplomatic style became evident a few weeks later on 12/18 when the bickering US Congress finally passed a budget compromise, which President Obama just signed into law a few days ago on 12/26.

Opposing diplomatic Mars stands wiley Uranus – planet of revolution, who travels in very testosterony, militant fire sign Aries (at 8°). With upraised fist, wild eyed Uranus/Aries stands in opposition to Mars/Libra and also forms a pretty tight square to the Capricorn gang of Moon-Sun-Pluto-Mercury. All together this forms a T-Square, an aspect like a hangman’s platform from which we all swing.

I wrote about this T-Square in my Solstice issue which sums it up: “This uneasy configuration re-emphasizes challenges between forces who want to maintain the status quo at any cost (ex: Assad in Syria) and the forces of change be they covert (ex: NSA leaker Snowden) or overt (ex: Ukrainian protesters).” Read the full article here Winter Solstice 2013

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, maintains his powerful Scorpio transit on 1/1 and remains in Scorpio throughout 2014 (except for a few days at the end of Dec.) Water sign Scorpio works well with earth sign Capricorn, so although Saturn is not part of the powerful conjunction on 1/1 he lends his nod of approval. Saturn in Scorpio is about as powerful as you can get – so this approval is important! Saturn/Scorpio also continues to work well with mighty Jupiter who continues his travels in water sign Cancer for the first 6 months of 2014. At the moment Jupiter is in the midst of his long winter’s retrograde nap and won’t wake up until 3/6. When Jupiter turns around and wakes up everyone notices! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile a major component of the Sea Goat energy in the heavens pours from Neptune and Chiron swimming through the spiritual waters of Pisces. On 1/1 they are off floating by themselves in a sea of tranquility, inviting everyone to join them. “Come with us and be healed.” they call, “Here is a new world, a veritable new dimension of peace and prosperity for all.” Apparently only a few hear their call since most people seem intent on aggressively “getting ahead” and competition at all costs, including revenge, and willingness to stomp enemies into the ground even if it means blowing up adversaries be they adults or tiny children. (Beyond the ongoing horror in Syria, sad recent examples are 2 suicide bomber explosions in Moscow which killed 31 people and wounded dozens more.) This beautiful Piscean message may be garbled and even misunderstood now, but as the year moves on it will get louder and clearer, let us hope more will be able to tune into this wavelength then.

As always “As Above, So Below” applies not only to world events, but to your own world as well. Read your individual messages for more personal insight. And in general here is the best way to navigate this heavenly stream of energy as 2014 dawns: No matter your chronological age, learn to honor your own adult, more mature self. Make a resolution to tame your inner brat who wants to spit on anyone who challenges you, and affirm the side of you which knows that taking a walk in the other person’s shoes always gives you a better more balanced perspective. Plant positive seeds to create wonderful future structures. Remember to make time to feed your soul and nourish your inner angels. Do this and outer angels begin to appear in your life when you need them for encouragement, or simply to uplift your heart in wonder and awe and what an amazing universe surrounds you!

I hope your universe rings in joy as this New Year begins and throughout 2014!

IMAGE NOTE: This charming painting of one of the Capricorn symbols – the Sea Goat is one I’ve saved for years because ever since I first saw it I thought it was one of the most vibrant Sea Goats I had ever seen – it almost jumps (or swims) off the page to greet you!  It is the creation of artist Lynnette Shelley featured at her Redbubble page. I am now a big fan of all her work! Here is Lynnette’s website with bio and her Etsy Shop  Curious Creatures has a wonderful selection  too.


NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Happy Birthday Sea Goats! As your personal new year begins Venus is making a reverse sweep through Capricorn and will remain in Cap until March 5th. To have the sweet energy of this love goddess grace your sign 4 times longer than usual is a rare birthday treat. Here is how to take advantage: polish your charm offensive, bring out your devastating style and master every situation with your “Who is the adult in the room? I am!” attitude, and you’ll be amazed at the respect you receive. Mars maintains his travels in your worldly arena bringing extra energy to career issues. If you want true success it’s important to find a good balance between your professional ambitions and all other aspects of your life. Your sea goat self gets plenty of liquid to swish around in this year with ruler Saturn in water sign Scorpio. Saturn urges you to to reach out and network with friends, old and new, business associates and others in your community with mutual goals.  In fact it is one of the best times in your lifetime to connect with like-minded others. There may be a challenge on the home front. Perhaps it has to do with the idea of balance again – your homies want more of your time, but so does your boss. If this happens, remember to call on Venus! It’s hard to refuse you now…bring out the charm, charm, charm. On New Year’s Day the New Moon in Capricorn lines up with Sun, Pluto and Mercury – that’s a big Cappie Vibe! It’s a perfect time to set clear intentions for the year ahead and beyond. What do you want your life to be like 5 years from now? See it clearly and it shall manifest!

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, 2014 begins with a blend of laser clarity – you know your direction much more clearly, but mysterious rustling behind the scenes catches your attention too – what’s up back there? The clarity comes from ruler Uranus marching forward in adventurous Aries carrying your own cutting edge banner. Mars opposite Uranus brings your ideas further forward while Saturn maintains an important presence in your career zone, so people are more ready to hear you than ever before. The rustling in the background comes from a major Capricorn contingent comprised of Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus (joined by the Moon on 1/1). This group is making important preparations which will manifest later. Listening to their conference requires tuning into a different wavelength. To accomplish this you must have time away from your usual routines. Take every chance you can to meditate, do yoga, tai chi, walk in the winter woods, dance, listen to music, whatever works best for you to connect with your inner/higher spiritual guidance. This is where all the true action is now! Good advice is to do this first before hoisting your banner of truth. Then everyone will see your flag flying high! There is a Black Moon (2nd New Moon) this month on 1/30 – in Aquarius. A magical day to reaffirm your intentions!

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, The New Year rings in with very supportive energy for you. On 1/1 a major confluence of 5 heavenly bodies lines up in your “achieving goals with others” zone. Your community of like-minded folks from friends to business connections offers excellent advice on the next steps leading you exactly where you want to be. With all the misty Neptunian energy around lately, you’re going to appreciate some concrete advice! To tap this practical vein you have to shake off your “I just wanna stay home in my jammies” self and put on your dancing shoes! If your significant others aren’t on board and try to pull you back down on the couch, learn to resist them when your instincts tell you otherwise. And that is the challenge. It’s way too easy to get puddly and end up chasing your fishy tail around in circles when the world is calling you outside to play!

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, The Wide World calls for you in 2014! As the new year begins Uranus moves forward in Aries carrying your banner with renewed revolutionary zeal. Ruler Mars is at the other end of the parade texting about the progress he sees from his end, while a major contingent of 5 heavenly bodies boldly marches front and center in your outer world zone. This group includes Venus who is marching back through the crowd with encouraging comments to keep up the momentum. Meanwhile jolly old Jupiter works with Colonel Saturn to keep the home camp well occupied. Many others are looking to you to make a choice and get moving already, so your current task is to determine exactly what path to take. Your impulse is to jump first and ask directions later, but the energy around now urges practical, well thought out concrete plans. It definitely pays to do this and Mars helps out by introducing a measured, balanced perspective from those whose opinion you trust. The challenge is, will you slow down enough to listen to them? You should.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Bulls, 2014 begins with ruler Venus heading backward. Sometimes when Venus goes into reverse mode it spells trouble for you but this time Venus is in compatible earth sign Capricorn and travels in a nice place – along your higher mind path. This is also the zone of travel, education and legal affairs so if things seem delayed in any of these areas, not to worry. In fact on 1/1, 3 other planets (Pluto, Moon and Mercury) join the Capricorn Sun in this same terrain which puts emphasis on forward momentum. Think of Venus as an emissary coming back to make sure everyone has what they need to get their job done well. Meanwhile Mars is feeling mellow in Venus-ruled Libra where he activates your work zone in positive ways – if you relax and go with the flow more. That’s a big IF because you stubborn bulls can be your own worst enemy by bellowing at the wrong time and/or charging at the wrong person. (Classic misdirected energy.) Here’s how you avoid this: follow Venus’ lead and back off enough to see the larger picture. She goes direct on 1/31 so bide your time this month until you know the lay of the land.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, The New Year rings in for you with creative high notes blended with deeper melodies. Ruler Mercury travels in productive and serious Capricorn and on 1/1 joins the New Moon, Pluto and the Sun to form an important heavenly configuration in your deepest relationship space. Sweet Venus is here too moving backward to meet this Capricorn crowd with wise and practical advice. Will you hear it too? Mars in airy Libra energizes your creative side tapping your genius self to uplift and inspire. This is balanced against wiley Uranus in your friends/network/community zone tempting you to get your crazy on. You’re a Gemini after all, so you should get a bit crazy from time to time, however now is not the time. Best advice is to follow Mercury’s new year resolution which is to be more strategic. Ask your partners in life what their input is and weigh this against your own concepts. Do this and you’ll sort out any wacky notes and end up with a perfect melody.

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, 2014 beings on a New Moon so you Moon children feel the power! This new Moon is in Capricorn and on 1/1 joins the Sun, Pluto and Mercury to form a singular heavenly configuration shining in your relationship space – an auspicious sign for the new year! Venus travels here too, moving in reverse all month. She’ll be sweet talking her way back into your good graces which may be a good thing, or not so much.  A lot depends on whether you’ve been practicing the better boundaries you need to build. Uranus moves forward again in your career space, so demands at work pull you out into the world more. If you trust your partners to have your back it’s all good. If not keep that boundary construction going. To accomplish goals you’ve set remember to keep a good balance in all areas of your life and your year will be off to a brilliant start!

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo – Something is on your mind as the New Year begins. It probably involves your job, whether that’s running your household or your country, because 4 heavenly bodies converge in your work/daily agenda zone on 1/1 setting the pace for 2014. The New Moon in Capricorn joins the Sun, Pluto and Mercury all conversing about concrete steps to build a better future. Venus is close by and in fact returns to make sure you heard her valuable insight. The challenge to this resolution comes from Mars in Libra activating your mental zone and on the other end unpredictable Uranus in war-like Aries just waiting to pull on some rug or another. Mars/Libra is wonderful for coming up with diplomatic solutions, but can also push you to second guess yourself and worry too much about what others think. The best plan for 2014 is the best plan always for Leo. Be true to yourself! If the rug gets pulled out from underneath you, get up and stand your ground. If others question your judgment roar to remind them you are the king/queen of beasts – and they’d better follow your lead!

VIRGO  August 23 – September 22 Dear Virgo, Your talents shine in 2014! On 1/1 ruler Mercury has a major meeting with the New Moon in Capricorn, along with Pluto and the Sun. This significant group converges in your creativity zone helping form concrete plans for the future. Venus is here too, returning to make sure everyone has the same agenda so things don’t go astray. You are the glue holding the plan together so it’s important to stay focused. Saturn maintains his position in your mental sphere which helps give you the focused structure you need. A challenge comes from Mars in your income zone opposite Uranus in your shared resources space. Partners either push you faster than you know is smart, or lag behind making you crazy. It might help to bring others in for a different perspective. A wise friend, family member or consultant might tip the situation into better balance.

LIBRA  September 23 – October 23 Dear Libra, 2014 chimes with many different notes for you. On 1/1 the New Moon in Capricorn, along with Pluto, the Sun and Mercury all converge in your family zone holding you close to home. At the same time Mars glides across the Libra dance floor keeping attention focused on you – like it or not. Your ruler Venus is in another part of the ball room dancing backward in high heels. Wiley Uranus is feeling feisty in your relationship space and jovial Jupiter is taking a long winter’s nap in your career zone. How are you supposed to pull all these pieces onto a nice balanced middle ground? Here’s an interesting resolution -  just let go, relax and trust that everything will fall into place perfectly. Venus is doing a pretty good back-step and has meetings planned with all involved. So just let her do her dance and when she moves forward again on 1/31 creative solutions will become obvious.

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, The New Years arrives with helpful energy for you. Four heavenly bodies, the New Moon, Sun, your ruler Pluto and Mercury line up together in Capricorn in your mental and communication zone. They help bring concrete plans into focus for the future. Venus is here too, moving backward but still bestowing good earthy advice and mature counsel. Co-ruler Mars in Libra is prompting you to hold the faith and trust that your plans will unfold at the perfect time. Unpredictable Uranus moves forward again in your everyday work space  so a job opportunity could pop up at any moment. The rub here is to make sure you don’t jump into something unsuitable just because you believe you have to grab onto anything to stay afloat. Remember that Saturn in Scorpio has put his mantle of authority on you and have the courage to hold out for what you truly want. It’s coming your way Scorpio – trust!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, 2014 is a “financial focus” year for you. On 1/1 the New Moon in Capricorn, Sun and Mercury align with transformer Pluto in your income zone. Pluto has been here for the last 5 years urging (demanding!) you to patch any leaks and get a new handle for your income bucket. Helpmate Venus travels here too, backing up now to make sure everyone got the message. Some of you already heard it loud and clear and are well on your way to a better financial future. If you are still struggling, the current energy will give you a concrete step up. When Venus turns direct on 1/31 more study steps should manifest and it’s nice to know she remains to sweeten your wallet for a much longer time than usual (thru 3/5). The challenge to this sturdy platform is a typical Saggie one – riding off into the sunset to find the next adventure before you’ve thought things through. Other energies around now – Mars activating your friendship/community zone, Uranus peppering your creative/fun space – can help or hinder. If your friends give good balanced advice and help you tune into positive creative ideas for better income flow, well that’s great! If folks you hang with are leading you to spend money you don’t have or worse yet leeching off you, then it’s a good year to get into a higher vibration community.

Melissa Stratton
Astrology, Tarot and Dream Analysis

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