Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crop Circles....

I can't say that I blame them!

GMO Free USA FB is here.


  1. Love your blog --- and the photos and poetry deeply resonate. Too funny about GMOs even aliens can't love for crop circles :) Because what's not to adore about a pesticide factory living in your gut along with bacterial and viral genome fragments originally gene-split and launched into the food supply by a profiteering GMO scientist who must hate himself as well as us to do that evil job --- right? This week I've been heartened that other countries might stop importing USA wheat because of the rogue GMO strain that turned up in testing. Sad to say with the profiteering that is patriarchy's hallmark, little but agribusiness market devastation is likely to stop Monsanto and its ilk from their insanity of normality. Or maybe invocation of Corn Maiden and SpiderWooman plus some help from Nemesis, the Furies, Hecate at the crossroads and Kali shooting fire from her fingertips (metaphorically speaking of course) will take its own course. The gaggle of goddesses may just about have had enough. Time for sanity to reign.

    And thank you once again for the gorgeous, uplifting and affirming images to remind me to stay in the elemental background, as Mary Daly wrote, whenever possible. I can't wait to be an old woman with unruly white hair and chicken legs on my cabin. Plus can I say what a splendid specimen of fine-feathered friend-hen you have pictured? Every day when I slurp my breakfast of two raw pastured eggs, unpasteurized orange juice and raw whole goat milk (take that, diet industry, you misogynists) I think how lucky that hens live among us.

    1. Sally, thank you for your wonderful comment! My blogging Muse went on vacation and seemed to return after reading your comment! Thank you.

      I agree that the "gaggle of goddesses" has had enough and is urging us to resist being overwhelmed and defeated by the atrocities directed to our beautiful Earth and to use our natural talents to counter them. Especially women. I believe that we feel the deep connection to our Earth and the rest of creation more so than men and therein lies the source of our power to stop the madness of men who start wars, develop weapons of mass destruction, invent GMOs, invent deadly chemical concoctions, frack the planet, drill our seas for oil. I believe that our connection must go deeper and the bonds strengthened so that we are not deterred. Not easy, but I believe that women can do this and are doing it even as I write this reply.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, and it affirms my sense of what's possible to see not only your spiritedness on the screen but also your excellence of blogging --- there for all the world who loved the real story of Oz centered on Dorothy, and not this year's abomination of 3D CGI where hotttt witches were helpless until a man showed up to divide and conquer their loyalties while saving them. Didn't spend money to see it; reading about it was bad enough.

    Loved seeing the congruence in your reply comment with my feelings, exactly. You have such a way with language. Powerful and loving at the same time.

    Agreed, too, that men don't have the connection capacity to creation that we women do --- many of them, like John Muir, really tried his best and being male had social power to enact conservation for the rest of us. But I find that the best of men are wistful, hopeful but rarely really connected. For instance, if I am unsure about a course of decision, and ask for guidance from the gaggle, things (like a personal version of prophetic signs and symbols) are just there by synchronicity in the setting in which I find myself, spontaneously as guides for action. Happens all the time if I pay attention. Even the most enlightened male scientists like Rupert Sheldrake tend to believe that sort of thing is an anomaly in the space-time continuum. And for them, it is. But not for women when we stop giving our attention to men and man-made things, preserve our energy, eat raw and healthy foods, and ask the Cosmos and Gaggle of Goddesses, plus give thanks for the chance to be alive now at this critical point where our connections as women truly count even if they are only online. Mary Daly wrote about some healthy cursing of the man-made evils, and that's fun, too.

    Hoping other women might come here and be comforted to take care of themselves better around men, I share what's working for me now. have so much more connecting-to-the-real energy when I simply avert my eyes from any contact whatsoever with men, and focus on a tree or any nearby women or the sky as I walk to and from work and life's errands. If some creep says "Hey, Baby" as happened yesterday on my walk from parking garage to work, I quietly flash the metaphoric fiery red flame of my fingertips at him, in an invisible hissss. (That's as close to a manicure as I come.) Otherwise I envision a protective energy field around myself so that when required, I can interact civilly and effectively with men and not be vampire-energy-drained by them. Seriously, although hating men is not an option (our kind, after all, births them), and although I feel sad at times that they're so wrong-headed (big and little heads), they are also the most destructive force on this planet, raping, pornifying, pillaging, and being creative mainly in their capacity to destroy. It would be a kindness to us certainly but also to them (because they do not belong on our elementally resonant planet) if Mother Nature just evolved them out of existence. Maybe we women would evolve chlorophyll, docking in the roots of trees (like creatures from a Sheri Tepper novel) and parthenogenesis. But men? Oh, my dears, I will be glad to see what's next

    1. Oh, my goddess- what a comment, Sally! I just love it! I'm going to read it again and then return with a hopefully coherent reply.


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