Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Fifth Sacred Thing

I read this book when it first came out in 1993 and I honestly couldn't finish it. I didn't feel strong enough to imagine something like this happening in my beloved San Francisco because a part of me knew that there was truth to what Starhawk was writing.  I still have the book and now, 20 years later, I will pick it up again.

The 10 year thing is interesting to me.  In 1993, I quit my corporate job.  I had been diagnosed with melanoma 2 years earlier.  I stayed on because I had wonderful benefits, but the stress of the job was such that I began to see that I would have to use those wonderful benefits because of the stress.  It wasn't worth it and I quit in April of 1993.  I sold my townhome and enrolled in beauty school, something I had wanted to do since I was a kid and wasn't allowed because "only stupid girls went to beauty school."  I thought that if I were going to die, I wanted to at least die having gone to beauty school!

The 10 year period of time between 1993 and 2003 was disruptive, edgy, uncertain, financially insecure, and to make those things even more intense, Pluto went retrograde in 1996 until 2008.  To say that was an adventure would be putting it mildly!  I actually left the Bay Area on 10/10/2003 and find myself longing, 10 years later, to return.  Perhaps reading this book will help me find my way back.

The FB page for The Fifth Sacred Thing can be found here.

The website for the film can be found here.

If you haven't read the book and would like to read a synopsis, you can do so here.


  1. I remember reading this book and agreeing with some of what she said, disagreeing with other bits. But you know, Starhawk!

    If you decide to go, let me know and we'll caravan (at some point) across the country together. (Although I have no idea when I can go. It's a dream.)

    1. I don't know when I'm going either, Em,! I just really decided that the East Coast isn't for me and I miss California and the West too much to stay here. I'll keep you posted - caravaning would be fun! And you'd get a dog fix! xo

    2. Do keep me posted! I'm in the midst of all sorts of things here right now ... but they're all finite things. I hope!

      ( fix!)


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