Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crow Medicine

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Crow Medicine

Crow is the left-handed guardian. Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of all sacred law. There are several species of crow. Raven is one of these and magpies are another. Crow medicine people are
 masters of illusion. Do not try to figure crow out. It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen.
Crow is also the guardian of ceremonial magic and healing. In any healing circle, Crow is present. Crow guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality and dispel "dis-ease" or illness. You can rest assure when ever crows are around, magic is near by and you are about to experience a change in consciousness. Crow can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form.
They are territorial and won't give up an area without a fight. They are loners, seeming to like to spend time to themselves.

If you have a crow as a totem, you need to be willing to walk your talk and speak your truth. You must put aside your fear of being a voice in the wilderness and "caw" the shots as you see them. Crow is an omen of change. If she keeps appearing to you she may be telling you that you have a powerful voice when addressing issues that you do not quite understand or feel that they are out of balance.

Crows are the bringer of messages from the spirit world, and is thought to dwell beyond the realm of time and space.

When you meet crow, she could be telling you that there will be changes in your life and that possibly you should step by the usual way you view reality and look into the inner realms…walk your talk…be prepared to let go of your old thinking and embrace a new way of viewing yourself and the world.

Crow is the sacred keeper of the law. Crow medicine signifies a firsthand knowledge of a higher order of right and wrong than that indicated by the laws created in human culture. With Crow medicine, you speak in a powerful voice when addressing issues that for you seem out of harmony, out of balance, out of whack, or unjust.

When you learn to allow your personal integrity to be your guide, your sense of feeling alone will vanish. Your personal will can then emerge so that you will stand in your truth. The prime path of true Crow people says to be mindful of your opinions and actions. Be willing to walk your talk, speak your truth, know your life’s mission, and balance past, present, and future in the now. Shape shift that old reality and become your future self. Allow the bending of physical laws to aid in creating the shape shifted world of peace.



  1. I have been having a lot of raven medicine. Also red-winged blackbird and magpie.

    So far all it's been is hard on top of hard.

    1. HI, Em - glad to hear from you. I woke up with you on my mind this morning, wondering how you were doing. I'm so sorry that everything is so hard for you right now - those places are difficult beyond what anyone can imagine. Please take care of yourself....xoxo

    2. Well, as I will write when I get a chance, I think it's purposeful hard, but yeesh. How about purposeful fun, universe? Let's do that, shall we? ;)

      Thank you so much for thinking of me. That is kind.

  2. Such a perfect synchronicity with my recent sense about CrowWoman (and my great-great-grandmother who was bird clan Cherokee). There have been more and more crows in escalating numbers in the last couple of places I've lived and they are wonderful creatures, so keen on being all that they are.

    Like Em, going through some "purposeful hard" right now. I can relate! It seems destined to align me more clearly with my inner Be-ing connected to the natural world but willing to stand my ground in prevailing culture (instead of make-nice compromises I've tried to make over decades that never work out well). Crow seems to be telling me that my soul (whatever we want to call our essential Be-ing) is not really willing to comply with my attempts at the prevailing social margins to be less that the compassionate firebrand I really am.
    Hanging on for the ride, seeking to direct this in constructive directions true to myself and all that I know to be true.
    Hope the same for you, Delphyne and Em.

  3. dear delphyne,
    i am so glad i am here right now drinking in this crow wisdom. last night my dream revealed that my time on earth was coming to a close. i thought i would be so sad but instead i was truly excited that i had time to mindfully give all my belongings away to each person that belonging would help the most.
    i also just watched the movie The Book Thief and there too the conversation of mindful living and the choices that exist in each moment to give truly from the heart.
    i want to invite your wisdom and always unique perspective to join in once more for a virgin a day. i have missed you and am always enriched in your offerings.
    sending you love and light.


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