Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Natural Beauty - Sea Angel

(Image from here, via FB)


  1. Thank you so much, Delphyne, for telling me about Layne Redmond on another blog's comments. For some reason (actually I think there are men at wordpress monitoring our comments and blocking them when we start sharing too much truth, my comments are being thwarted all over the internet today by my wordpress account saying "sorry this comment cannot be posted." So I could not post over there under yours at another blog. Let's see if this works here.

    I grieve the loss of Layne Redmond. I cry as I type. Only 8 years ago "When the Drummers were Women" was still in print. I hope it comes back in. But as she said quoting another woman:

    "As long as you live, shine, be radiant!
    Let nothing grieve you beyond measure.
    For your life is only too short and time will call for you."

  2. Yes it definitely appears that on the rf wordpress blogs wordpress is blocking my comments. Oh how I wish I had some way to get word to those blog authors that I tried to respond back. I wonder h how many other wordpress bloggers also get blocked from commenting to the blog authors and then seem to have dropped out of the conversation and seem to be unfriendly? Could you post this note for when you comment at rf wordpress blogs --- or is that too much to ask? Sally A (whose blog I follow) is also a wordpress blogger and not too tekkie I gather, so vulnerable to the apparent ease of getting online with wordpress but then the silencing by non-posting of comments.

    As long as men are running the show, they will always screw us without admitting it whenever possible. Behind the scenes, they are truly evil. and they hate us.

    oh well.

    we have Life, Herself, and drumming!

  3. beautiful and interesting
    thank you for sharing
    i put sea angel in a web search and all sorts of info comes up about them. fun

    1. Thanks, Tammie - wherever we are on Earth, there is something that is bound to amaze us. Nature is simply THE BEST!


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