Saturday, July 27, 2013

Natural Beauty - Alpacas

(Image from here, via FB)

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  1. Hope you're well and happy, Delphyne! Haven't come around much lately; life showing up in a big way. But I've been thinking about how you came to your present awareness from Women's/Goddess spirituality, which has been moving me lately in good directions of consciousness. Like beautiful photos you've posted and Goddess chants via youtube. Fun! Maybe it will take fewer of us connecting who "get" the Goddess than the legions of the deluded who just seem to think it's okay that gorgeous creatures like those you picture, and us, too, are daily under assault by radiation-leaking Fukishima, just to name one poisoning example in the news again this week. Here's to the smiles of alpacas instead, and to our energy as womankind/witch/goddess prevailing!


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