Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natural Beauty

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Today's Animal in Need - Gretchen

Please , please , pretty please. Gretchen needs help. She grows sadder by the day. A volunteer says "I take her into the front pen every day to play with her ball, but she is getting very bad at going back into her cage as she is not very happy to be sitting there alone, I am not able to do it without help from the staff anymore. She really needs to be rescued! " Shepherds do awful when boarded. We need to get her out of here.


120 Fullerton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10704 (201) 981-3215 or email: Lesliem147@gmail.com Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sat, Sun & Holidays 12:00 - 3:30 PM
Donations to benefit the animals at the Yonkers Shelter may be made to ShelterPetAlliance who collects on behalf of various shelters...Important to note *YONKERS* when online donations are made...SPA is a 501c3 org, so all donations are tax deductible

Anyone interested in sending an item from our Amazon Yonkers Animal Shelter wish list, please go here:
Thanks to all!

THIS IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER RUN SITE..this site is not an official city of Yonkers site

Walpurgisnacht - 30 April

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WITCHES  (in chorus)

    Now to the Brocken the witches hie,
    The stubble is yellow, the corn is green;        3745
    Thither the gathering legions fly,
    And sitting aloft is Sir Urian seen:
    O’er stick and o’er stone they go whirling along,
    Witches and he-goats, a motley throng,

    Alone old Baubo’s coming now;
    She rides upon a farrow sow.

    Honour to her, to whom honour is due!
    Forward, Dame Baubo! Honour to you!
    A goodly sow and mother thereon,
    The whole witch chorus follows anon.        3755
                                     From Goethe's Faust.

Walburga's Symbols and Domains of Action

Of Walburga's symbols or attributes, the bundle of grain is obviously a fertility symbol and is typical of the germanic matron goddesses or demi-goddesses once worshipped all over Europe, including Nehalennia, as well as a being a symbol of goddesses in other Indo-European pantheons, such as Demeter and Ceres. The three-cornered mirror seems clearly related to the Norns and the Well of Wyrd: we can see the three corners of the foreseeing mirror as the three Norns, the mirror as the well itself with the three Norns standing around it. The mirror is particularly a "give-away:" who ever heard of, or would want to make or use, a triangular mirror? It is not a convenient shape for viewing one's face, in the normal usage of mirrors!

Neither the dog nor the shock of grain, the magical mirror or the spindle, are likely attributes of the abbess of a christian nunnery, nor is an abbess likely to have been wandering around the countryside having adventures! On the other hand these symbols or attributes are highly typical of Heathen germanic matrons, goddesses, and holy women. The spindle is the attribute before all others of the norns, wise-women, idises, and other womanly wights associated with fate and fortune in the continental Germanic countries. The use of the spindle and hand-spun thread for May-even spells of women's magic is described by Rochholz and by Grimm. Love-oracles using the spindle and thread, and other means, were said to be sent by Walburga herself. Walpurgistide was also the time to shame lazy farmers into working harder, by making a straw doll named Walburga and presenting it to any farmer who had not yet ploughed his land by that day (Rochholz, p. 40). This is quite reminiscent of the well-known chidings women receive from Heathen goddesses such as Berchta and Holda during Yuletide, if their own work has been skimped.

None of these attributes, activities and symbols can be argued to have anything to do with a christian abbess and saint, but have everything to do with Heathen goddesses and holy women, who have always concerned themselves with fertility and food, love, life, death, and hidden knowledge. Thus it is in the highest degree likely that attributes associated with a goddess celebrated at May-even during Heathen times were later grafted onto Walburga, the christian saint whose holy day is celebrated on the first of May.

You can read the entire article on Walpurgisnacht, excerpted above, by clicking here.

A blog post on Baubo can be found here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's Animal in Need - Millie

Millis is a beautiful girl who has been waiting 16 months to find her home. She is a 3 year old lab mix, she is so sweet and loving. Millie was rescued from a horrible situation it was a miracle she survived. We just cannot understand why nobody has adopted her yet. Her foster mom has given her such a wonderful loving home. Millie is of course housebroken, crate trained, knows her commands, great in the car, loves social events, utd with vaccines, and spayed. Please share Millie!


RSVP Animal Welfare & Rescue Group is dedicated to helping Long Island Pets In Need! Our goal is to stop pet abuse, neglect, & overpopulation in our communities.
RSVP Animal Welfare & Rescue Group is a proactive grass roots 501c3 animal welfare organization.Dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals while enhancing the communities in which they live by providing low-cost & free spay/neuter assistance, rescue & adoption services, pet care education and continued oversight & support as needed for responsible pet ownership.
Company Overview
RSVP, Inc. is a 501c3, non-profit animal rescue group serving Eastern Long Island, New York since Jan 6, 1996. Originally founded as the “Riverhead Shelter Volunteer Program” their goal was to improve conditions at the Riverhead municipal shelter. This strong group of passionate and dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to reduce the euthanasia rate and find suitable homes for lost, abandoned andsurrendered animals. Through these efforts, they successfully reversed the trend to destroy many adoptable pets and are still active at the Riverhead Shelter today, where the euthanasia rate has been reduced to approximately 6%. The core group has expanded over time and we are now a strong network of passionate animal advocates.RSVP Animal Welfare & Rescue Group is there for pets with no where else to turn and is run entirely by volunteers & donations. There are many ways to donate & all donations are tax deductible. You may mail donations monetary & supplies to us or use the donation link on our Facebook Page or website rsvpinc.org. All sites are secure through paypal.There are several drop off locations as well or we can pick up please call Samantha 631-833-0970 or email smullen161@optonline.net.
Join our mailing list! http://www.rsvpinc.org/contact-rsvp/mailing-list
General Information
RSVP Animal Welfare & Rescue Group Inc is a non-profit, 501c3 founded in 1996, serving Eastern Long Island.

RSVP is unique compared to many other animal welfare and rescue organizations. Our mission is to get to the root of animal overpopulation, abuse and neglect. Often well intended people find themselves in over their heads regarding the proper care of family pets and as a result make poor choices, creating an avalanche of problems affecting not only their pets, but also their own lives as well as the lives of the people in the surrounding community. RSVP provides people with alternatives to surrendering their beloved pets to shelters due to a lack of economic stability, family illness, etc. by offering basic veterinary care, re-homing and temporary foster care. We strongly advocate spay/neuter to pet owners throughout the community, and especially to “backyard breeders” whose puppies frequently end up in neglect situations or tied out on chains for their entire lives. RSVP reaches out to those who may think it profitable to exploit their pets through illegal means and rather than maligning them by contacting the authorities, RSVP helps them understand that there is a better way. By providing them with the tools to promote positive change, many begin to realize how their actions have a direct impact upon the behaviors of their animals. RSVP is a very proactive animal welfare and rescue group continually trying to solve potential problems before they arise. 

Although RSVP’s mission statement is dedicated to improving the lives of animals, by its very design, RSVP also improves the lives of the people who own these animals and in doing so, provides the public with the education and resources needed to create a more stable environment. From low cost and free spay/neuter assistance to promoting responsible pet ownership, RSVP continues to improve the quality of the lives of both animals and humans who may find themselves in dire circumstances often beyond their control. While many other animal welfare and rescue groups are forced to say “no”, RSVP steps in and finds a way to say “yes.”

RSVP continues to “push the envelope” and take on the most challenging situations. We take the senior dogs that no one wants or those pets previously owned by an elderly person who passed away. We raise money to take in and treat the dog that came off a chain and has heartworm from being left outside its whole life. We take the sick puppies that were taken away from their mother when they too young, or the dog kept in a crate in a basement while being used as a puppy factory. We help them all. 

Our roots have expanded to provide successful outcomes in countless situations. In the end, our only hope is to change the paradigm of animal ownership on Long Island so that all individuals can truly appreciate and benefit from the joys of responsibly caring for an animal for the duration of its lifetime.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today's Animal in Need - Bella

For Adoption onkers, NY Shelter 10704 (out of state adoptions are possible!)
Bella, Female, Staffie/Lab Mix, Around 2 Years Old, About 40-45 Pounds

Bella is breathtaking. This girl has it all - charm, beauty and sweetness ♥ She is very affectionate...it was hard to take pictures because she kept kissing me, or sitting so close on the bench, that all I could get was a piece of her tail.. She is getting very good at walking on a leash...when she first came to the shelter she was not used to being walked, now she enjoys it!

At the shelter another one of our dogs up for adoption walked by, Johnny C, and boy did those two form a fast friendship!! Bella is choosy with her dog friends, so if there is another dog in the home they will have to meet first. Bella was found running around in the park, she was there for a few days before she was caught and brought to the shelter.

Bella needs an Adopter/Foster in the Tri State/New York area.....If you are not in the Tri State/New York area but want to adopt, this can be arranged through a rescue group by contacting (201) 981-3215 or email: Lesliem147@gmail.com (free transport will be provided)


120 Fullerton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10704 (201) 981-3215 or email: Lesliem147@gmail.com Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sat, Sun & Holidays 12:00 - 3:30 PM
Donations to benefit the animals at the Yonkers Shelter may be made to ShelterPetAlliance who collects on behalf of various shelters...Important to note *YONKERS* when online donations are made...SPA is a 501c3 org, so all donations are tax deductible

Anyone interested in sending an item from our Amazon Yonkers Animal Shelter wish list, please go here:
Thanks to all!

THIS IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER RUN SITE..this site is not an official city of Yonkers site

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Arbor Day!

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When I Am Among the Trees

When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness,

I would almost say that they save me, and daily.
I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.

Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, "Stay awhile."
The light flows from their branches.
And they call again, "It's simple," they say,
"and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine."

~ Mary Oliver ~


About Angels and About Trees

Where do angels
fly in the firmament,
and how many can dance
on the head of a pin?

Well, I don't' care
about that pin dance.
what I know is that 
they rest, sometimes,
in the tops of the trees

and you can see them,
or almost see them
or, anyway, think: what a 
wonderful idea.

I have lost as you and
others have possibly lost a 
beloved one,
and wonder, where are they now?

The trees, anyway, are
miraculous, full of
angels (ideas); even
empty they are a 
good place to look, to put
the heart at rest – all those
leaves breathing the air, so

peaceful and diligent, and certainly
ready to be
the resting place of
strange, winged creatures
that we, in this world, have loved.

~Mary Oliver~

Thursday, April 25, 2013

41 Questions

Want to take 5 minutes, answer 41 questions and see what personality type you might be? I did this and it was very similar to the Myers Briggs test, although on this one, I was a smidge more on the extrovert side.  Yeah, sometimes it happens!

I'm a "spontaneous idealist."

Here's the link to the questions.


Your personality type: "Spontaneous Idealist"
Enthusiastic, idealistic and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.
Careers that could fit you include:
Actors, journalists, writers, musicians, painters, consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists, entrepreneurs, teachers, counselors, politicans, diplomats, television reporters, marketers, scientists, sales representatives, artists, clergy, public relations, social scientists, social workers.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Woman

Wild Woman 

She lives within me
this heathen of long ago-
bare feet tramping the lush forest floor of my mind
eyes darting, ever aware
as she hunts, gathers, communes-
her tree gods all around.

She breathes within
hearing nature's call
in the sweetness of the night air
the heady scent of the bush park
and the cockatoos in the trees
just up the road
from my tarmac and tile life.

And every now and then
this wild child
who longs for her village
her clean earth
her crystal streams-
is set free.

Upon a wave she rides
or amongst the scattered leaves, sits
in a moonlit moment
or tends the soil with her bare hands
loving the earth and its comfort
more than her own life.

The wild memories of long ago
the rituals and spirit songs
often spill free upon her voice
and clumsy guitar accompaniment,
or during a yogic moment,
or upon a dance-floor
in ecstatic release.

She is real
this wild woman-
she walks amongst us all
and she reminds us of the places
that we need to be-
of the places
that we need to treasure.

Above all, she reminds us
to be free.

Jennifer Cooper, All rights reserved

Image is from here.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Walking on lion colored hills...

(Image from here)

                           "Today I walked on the lion-coloured hills
                      with only cypresses for company, 
                      until the sunset caught me, turned the brush
                      to copper
                      set the clouds 
                      to one great roof of flame 
                      above the earth,
                      so that I walk through fire, beneath fire,
                      and all in beauty. 
                      Being alone
                      I could not be alone, but felt
                      (closer than flesh) the presence of those
                      who once had burned in such transfigurations.
                      My happiness ran through the centuries
                      in one continual brightness.  Looking down,
                      I saw the earth beneath me like a rose
                      petaled with mountains,
                      fragrant with deep peace." 
                      Elizabeth Coatsworth, On the Hills, 1924 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Reshaping life! People who can say that they have never understood a thing about life—they have never felt its breath, its heartbeat—however much they have seen or done. They look on it as a lump of raw material that needs to be processed by them, to be ennobled by their touch. But life is never a material, a substance to be molded. If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond your or my obtuse theories about it. 
—Boris Pasternak, "Doctor Zhivago" 

Image: Tadashi Namba, "Mount Hiei," Japan, 1986
Text and image found on Parabola's FB page.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woman Shaman - trailer from Max Dashu

Published on Apr 15, 2013

A new video by Max DashĂș explores the rich cultural record of medicine women, seers, oracles, healers, trance-dancers, shapeshifters, and dreamers, around the world. Her double dvd set on order at:
To experience the beauty, power and wisdom of these spiritual legacies is medicine for the spirit. Trailer includes the music of Suzanne Teng, Emmalee Crane, and Tiokasin Ghosthorse; scores of other musicians are featured on the dvd, including archival world music from Smithsonian Folkways. See link above for music credits, chapter listings, and more info.

The Beauty of Pollination

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today's Animal in Need - Tucker

Making life better for homeless and unwanted animals ♥
We Are Shelter Connecticut

We network needy and homeless animals in the state of Connecticut and beyond.

We lend our voice to the ‘invisible’ animals who languish, forgotten, in our shelters.

We adopt these animals in our hearts and advocate for them as our own.

We embrace and promote the personalities of each animal individually.

We facilitate the adoption and rescue of these animals, and celebrate with abandon when said occurs.

We foster the spirit of guardianship of all animals.

We delight in the joy our animals bring us, and indulge the sentimentality that joy yields.

We affirm that even the smallest compassionate act can transform the lives of the most helpless among us.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend Sky Show

Skywatchers this weekend will  get treated to some beautiful close encounters when the Moon glides past bright clusters of stars and planet Jupiter.
Up first on Saturday, April 13, look towards the high western sky after local sunset for a waxing crescent Moon. Look to its far upper left and you will see a super-bright star – that is planet Jupiter- visible easily even from within heavily light polluted city limits. (Related: Jupiter and Moon in super close pairing)

As the sky darkens -about an hour after local sunset – look to the Moon’s immediate left and you will notice a distinctly orange-tinged, twinkling star. Aldebaran represents the red eye of Taurus, the bull constellation and is 65.1 light years from Earth.  A true monster compared to our little Sun- Aldebaran’s diameter would reach beyond the orbit of Mars if it replaced our Sun at the center of the solar system.

Look carefully between Aldebaran and the Moon in a darkened sky and the Hyades star cluster will come into view. Binoculars may help make out the distinctive V-shape of this 250 light year distant star association – one of the closest to Earth.
Now scan to the lower right of the Moon and a tight hazy patch of little stars can be glimpsed even with the naked eye from suburban skies.  Known as the Seven sisters, the Pleiades is one of the better known sky targets for backyard stargazers. This rich open cluster actually has more than 40 young stars as members – no more than 10 million years old -  and most can be seen with binoculars and small telescopes, however with the unaided eye will pick out the brightest five to seven of its stars.

At evenign twilight on April 14th the Moon will be in a pretty conjunction with Jupiter. Credit: Starry Night software

At evening twilight on April 14th the Moon will be in a pretty conjunction with Jupiter. Credit: A. Fazekas/Starry Night software

By Sunday  night, April 14th, the Moon will have risen higher in the western evening sky for a striking visual  pairing with brilliant Jupiter. The cosmic duo will appear to be separated by only a couple of degrees – less than the width of your two middle fingers held at arm’s length. (See also: Jupiter, Venus, Moon Make ‘Frown’)

While Jupiter may look close to the Moon in the sky, their proximity of course is due only to a chance alignment from our perspective here on Earth. While our nearest celestial neighbor is on average only 380,000 km away, Jupiter lies at a whopping 850 million km !
Up for an extra observing challenge? Try and track down Jupiter during daytime this weekend.  Remember never to look at the sun with or without optical aids as it may cause permanent eye damage.

With the Moon acting as a convenient guidepost and a handy pair of binoculars, Sunday may be your best shot at actually hunt down and view the gas giant with your naked eyes in broad daylight. It won’t be easy-scan for a bright star against the blue background sky. How soon can you spot Jupiter before sunset?

Weekend Sky Show: Moon Joins Stellar Gems - above text and pictures found there.

Today's Animal in Need - Mighty

Every dog has a story....Mighty's is a sad one! He was rescued from a high kill shelter month's ago as he was a volunteer favorite. Well...Mighty is STILL waiting for a foster or forever family!!! Why???? He is a good boy, house trained, knows all his commands, friendly with people, affectionate and wants to please. It is VERY sad that he has waited all this time...please someone give him a chance. He is about 3 -4 years old, neutered, up to date on shots, professionally trained. Mighty is very dog selective, if you have a dog a meet and greet will be necessary. No cats for Mighty, he is not a fan. Mighty we believe is a Rhodesian Ridge mix. Mighty is located in Smithtown Long Island. Please call 917-685-8422!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Natural Beauty

(Image from here, via FB)

Today's Animal in Need - Bob

Bob is ready to Rock n' Roll!
He's back up to weight, His teeth were floated today, so we're ready to get him back into work and get him muscled up again.

Bob on the trail 4/9/13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E14eSe4zi7Q

Looking for a serious, permanent adoptive home.
Adoption fee is $250.00

Bob is a 14.2 hh, 22 yr old QH Pony. Bob is sound, but does have a mild sway-back, so will do best with a light-weight rider for pleasure/trail/recreational riding. Suitable for Advanced Beginner+ skills. The Caveat: The advanced beginner MUST be a confident rider or there must be a confident/skilled rider to keep Bob tuned up for his beginner rider. He's a wonderful horse, I've used him for kids' lessons and he's a champ, but he does have a couple 'old lesson horse evasion' tactics up his sleeve. Nothing bad, but he'll test. Balance that out that he's a total lovebug and loves attention, and you've got a great horse.

Bob originally arrived June 27, 2011 -- An owner relinquishment. Much-loved, Mom's finances would not allow her to keep Bob.

Video Under Saddle:


HHER is a 100% volunteer 501(c)3 rescue. Please click on "about" for full info. Please consider a donation via paypal: hheartsequine@optonline.net
Our Goals:

(1) Accept into our program equines in need;

(2) Assist in the placement of equines under the care of private owners who can no longer maintain them;

(3) Provide necessary management, veterinary and farrier care for those equines under our protection;

(4) Rehabilitate and adopt out equines to suitable homes as sport-horse prospects; pleasure riding prospects or as retirement/companion animals;

(5) Obtain sponsorships for those equines who maintain a permanent residency within the auspices of our organization;

(6) To provide all animals under our care with a comfortable and dignified existence without pain or suffering. If and when physical and medical circumstances no longer allow that comfortable life; to let them go gently and kindly with a humane veterinary-assisted euthanasia.
Company Overview
Helping Hearts Equine Rescue is a 100% Volunteer Rescue.
All funds go to the horses in our care.
Please consider a donation to assist our work:

Via Mail: Helping Hearts, PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ 08535
PAYPAL: hheartsequine@optonline.net

“Alone we can accomplish a little, together we can accomplish a lot for horses in need”
Mission Statement:

"Helping Hearts Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit animal welfare organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of equines in need; assisting equines in situations of neglect, abuse or threat of slaughter located in, but not necessarily limited to Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties - in our home state of New Jersey. To educate the public regarding the standards of care required to maintain an equine as a riding partner and/or companion animal in a humane manner." 

Earth Day Celebration/Open House

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet my inner girl child

(Image from here)

Secret, sacred dancing

(Image from here)

Secret, sacred dancing
inside an orange petaled poppy tent.
Bee emerges, ecstatic.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this poem I wrote when I lived in Walnut Creek, California.  I was sitting out on the patio with my 2 dogs in the late afternoon. My patio was like a jungle, filled with pots of flowers, fruit trees, orchids and herbs - I loved it and loved being outside puttering around in it or just relaxing in a chair.

Late one afternoon, the dogs and I heard loud buzzing coming from the poppy plant.  It seems that a bumblebee was in the poppy, dancing around and the poppy was beginning to close as they do when the sun starts going down.  The 3 of us stood transfixed, bent over the poppy watching the bee.  I wondered if it was going to get out before the poppy actually closed.

It did.

This poem was my way of remembering how privileged I was to have had the experience of watching the bee dance in the poppy tent.