Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice Drumming - way cool!

In minus 20C, they found by pure chance that the one metre thick ice has a distinctive and haunting rhythm all of its own, the coolest music on earth. We all know New Wave music, but this is Frozen Wave, with the tune made from tapping the ice-bound water of the 25 million year old lake, the oldest and deepest on the planet.

'It was the most fantastic experience I have ever had - and a very personal one',  said Irkutsk architect Natalya Vlasevskaya, 31, a mother-of-one and organiser of Etnobit percussion group.
'I felt like we were playing on the drums that Nature has left out for us, alone under the sun on the frozen waters of the world's most magnificent lake.'
How did they realise they could make their own Coldplay on Baikal? 
'The wife of one of our drummers, Sergei Purtyan, slipped and fell down, and as she landed on the ice, she made a very musical 'boooooom' sound -  so nice and deep that her husband, who has a very good ear, said 'Hold on, what was it? How did you make that noise?'

Read the rest of the article here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Climbing a waterfall

(Image from here)

Natural Beauty

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Yellow Pages Opt Out

The Yellow Pages use no virgin paper in the production of their directories, but to produce and deliver 540 million a year requires immense amounts of water and uses immense amounts of energy and fuel. If you need the YP, keep it! But if you're among the 70% polled who say they never even open them, opt out. It's just a waste not to.
or (866) 329-7118

Your Green Tip of the Day!! 

Today's Animal in Need

FLORIDA: Miles (left) and Maggie arrived at Halifax Humane Society with heavy hearts. Their owners tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident earlier this month, leaving the lifelong friends without a home.
Please help us offer them the best outcome possible by finding them a forever home where they can stay together. Miles (#18929926) is a 7-year old male American Blue Heeler mix, and Maggie (#18929940) is a 5-year old Shepherd mix. They are both very nice, friendly dogs that are the best of friends.
If you would like to meet them, come to HHS this weekend and pay them a visit. Please SHARE this post with all of your pet-loving friends to help Miles and Maggie find a great home together.
Halifax Humane Society
2364 LPGA Blvd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32124
Phone (386) 274-4703

Purpose and Beliefs

The Halifax Humane Society exists to protect animals from cruel, neglectful and exploitative treatment. 

It is the belief of the Society that all living creatures possess an intrinsic value, which is manifested in its creation. Further, the Society believes that mankind must become a responsible steward of animals which he has domesticated and brought under his control. 

The Society shall maintain programs and services, which embrace that principle:

  • Maintain a shelter facility to provide for the needs of lost, forsaken and abandoned animals;
  • Educate and continually acquaint the citizens, particularly children, with the ethics of kindness and compassion, thereby engendering respect for all living beings;
  • Investigate complaints of animal abuse and correct those situations by way of education, or if need be prosecution;
  • Prevent the overpopulation of domestic animals by providing affordable spay and neuter opportunities to the public, while making certain that animals adopted from the Shelter never contribute to the problem.

Because I need to laugh....

Nothing better than a baby laughing!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Natura Beauty

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Today's Animal in Need

Hi Everyone - Because of a computer problem yesterday, this post about darling Colt had a blurry picture. We do apologize and are reposting for Colt!
This adorable puppy is Colt and he is today's Awesome Adoptable! Colt is an eight month old Labrador Retriever mixed breed who is currently in foster care. Colt is a wonderful puppy - He is smart, happy and energetic. Colt knows all of his basic commands and his housebroken.
Colt's family has two small children and they are not able to give Colt the time, attention and exercise that he needs as a growing puppy. Colt is fine with small children and good with other dogs. He is wishing for an active home where he can continue his obedience training and grow up to be an awesome dog! 
Colt's time in his foster home is running out quickly. For more information about Colt, please contact our Foster Coordinator Heather at


South Jersey's Only 100% No-Kill Animal Shelter
Our Mission

To rescue and welcome abandoned and unwanted companion animals in a No-Kill environment.

To shelter, nurture, and support all loving animals until they find their families and can leave us for safe, caring homes.

To give care with compassion.

To gently and lovingly end the suffering of an animal if it is too ill or injured to recover.

To provide spay and neuter services to ensure that our animals cannot create other unwanted animals.

To take our mission out into the community to teach people about humane treatment and kindness toward animals and the importance of spay/neutering.

To be loving and supportive: with the animals, in our community, and to each other.
Company Overview
We're a non-profit group of animal lovers that seek to protect and provide for dogs and cats and animals in Camden County. Since our inception in 1991, we've dedicated our time and hearts to helping animals find homes and loving families. Though our resources are often limited, we cherish and nuture every cat and dog we're able to until they're adopted or we make sure they live out their lives in a caring, comfortable environment. We do not kill or euthanize animals in our care unless medically necessitated, and even then, only with heavy hearts.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kiwi pops

Perfect for the hot, humid days of New Jersey!   

I must be longing for warmer weather...

Natural Beauty

(Image from here)

More on mushrooms

I know I've posted before on Paul Stamets and 
how mushrooms can benefit the Earth.

Here's another short video clip about the
numerous beneficial qualities 
of mushrooms.

Today's Animal in Need

Volunteer group working with the animals at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in New Jersey. 
Our volunteers provide much-needed emotional and physical support to the many animals at Burlington County Animal Shelter. By walking the dogs we help to calm them and get them used to walking on a leash.

By taking the cats out of their cages and either petting them or letting them stretch their legs in our cat activity tents, we are reducing their fear and stress that naturally occurs when animals are housed in a shelter setting.

Our goal is very simple. We want to make the animals' lives easier and help make each animal more adoptable so we can save as many animals as possible that pass through the shelters doors
General Information
Monday & Thursday 12pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 12pm - 4pm
Saturday 12pm -4pm
Sundays & Holidays closed

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Natural Beauty

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The Blue Jays here in NJ are very different from
those Steller's and Scrub Jays in California.

Noisy, territorial and Millie, my parrot,
refers to them as barbarians, 
even though they are
quite smart!

Sunday Haiku

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Cast of characters:
tree, apple, woman, a snake.
What tale would you tell?

Haiku by blogger

Today's Animal in Need

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue shared a photo.  
Staten Island NY- Pierre was in the paper this weekend hoping to find his forever home. Do you know that not one person came to see him :( 
Pierre is about as sweet as they come and is known as our gentle giant. Pierre is a very tall boy but would make someone a great companion. We know there has to be someone of there to love Pierre as much as we all do! 
He will be at Petco on Richmond Ave today from 12-3 with other cats and dogs looking for their forever homes! Hope to see you there!

Sunday Serenade

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Because I like to laugh...

(Image found here)

Natural Beauty

(Image from here)

Today's Animal in Need

Aristotle is a mature, calm, mellow, and quiet boy.

Aristotle, or Ari as his foster mom calls him, was rescued at the 11th hour from a high kill shelter in Virginia. Ari’s former family was moving and they abandoned him at the shelter. Ari’s foster mom says Aristotle was depressed and withdrawn the first few weeks in her home. Ari kept looking out the window as if he was waiting for his former family to return. Aristotle is an old soul that will be a faithful companion to his forever home. Would you consider bringing Aristotle into your home?

Ari is housebroken and completely trust worthy in the house when left alone. He has an excellent recall, knows the command ‘wait’ and walks well on a leash. Ari loves rawhide bones, dog biscuits, taking leisurely walks, riding in the car, and napping. Ari has no interest in balls or toys and just prefers to hang out with his foster mom and be her little helper. Aristotle is a quiet boy that rarely barks and is a low energy, low maintenance boy. Ari is sensitive to and overwhelmed by a lot of noise and busy activity, so he would prefer a relaxed, slower paced home.

Ari’s foster mom feels Ari would do best as an only dog and in a home without cats or children. As Ari needs some additional socialization to conquer some trust issues, his foster mom feels he would benefit from an organized obedience class and an ACD experienced home.

Ari’s foster mom believes he is around 6 years old. He is HW negative, neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and on flea/tick and HW preventatives.
If you want a dedicated and loyal companion look no further.

Aristotle is being fostered in Wilmington, DE but transport can be arranged to any of the states in ACDRA’s coverage area.

Submit your application here:

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization, rescuing Cattle Dogs from Maine to Georgia!
To save cattle dogs from shelters & overall bad situations and find them loving, caring forever homes.
Company Overview
The Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association rescues ACDs from shelters and other situations to give the dogs a fresh start with a loving family.
Our foster home volunteers welcome the dogs into their homes where they live as members of the family. During the time in foster care, our volunteers determine what kind of forever home will be the right one for each dog. And then we find that home – regardless of how long it takes!
General Information
We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. Donations help us rescue ACDs from shelters where they are facing euthanasia, transport them to foster homes, care for their medical needs and more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

California for Beginners

(Image from here)


And why I lived here
for 33 years.

Natural Beauty

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Today's Animal in Need

Friday Haiku - numero dos

(Image from here)

What did you expect?
Grinning Cheshire cat, perhaps?
Dif 'rnt Wonderland.

Rebecca is hosting Haiku My Heart Friday, where you can read some really fabulous haikus.
Click here to be transported.
Haiku by blogger
(there is another haiku offering right below this one)


Although the link describes the chameleon as a "rainbow chameleon," I think it is actually a "Panther chameleon."  It seems that in order to sell some of these critters, people just make up "designer" names for them.

You can read about the panther chameleon here.

Friday Haiku - numero uno

(Image and text from here)

Posing for photo
Guitar Mamas sway their hips
Invite you to dance

Rebecca is hosting Haiku My Heart Friday, where you can read some really fabulous haikus.
Click here to be transported.
Haiku by blogger
(there is another haiku offering right above this one)


One happy family... 'The Guitar-Fish'
Guitarfish are known for an elongated body with a flattened head that resembles a human face in inverted position and a trunk and small ray like wings. Guitarfish are a family, Rhinobatidae, of rays.

Guitarfishes have a body form intermediate between those of sharks and rays. The tail has a typical shark-like form, but in many species the head has a triangular, or guitar-like shape, rather than the disc-shape formed by fusion with the pectoral fin found in other rays.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good advice...

Natural Beauty

You can read more about saving the rhinos here, here and here.

And remember, BEAUTY (my word for the year) is always
in the eyes of the beholder.

Dolphin rescue

The dolphin approaches the diver requesting assistance with fishing hook and line tangled around its pectoral fin.  

Yes, the dolphin asks for help.

And got it.

Read the story here.

Today's Animal in Need

Lulu is a beautiful mostly, if not all, Catahoula female that is already spayed. She is around 1 1/2 years old and weighs 50 lbs. Lulu's former family had a four year old child and another dog and Lulu was great with both of them. She rides well in a car - with or without a crate. 
She is fully vetted and recently received updates on her distemper shots, bordetella vaccine, and she has been wormed.
Carroll County Animal Shelter is located at 251 Automation Drive in Carrollton GA. The hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00; Saturday 8:00 till 4:00. Phone: 770-214-3590
Although ALL dogs on our page are at-risk of death or euthanasia, these dogs in this folder are deemed to be in IMMEDIATE risk of death or euthanasia (1 week or less). Please share these dogs immediately. Post offers to sponsor, adopt, or rescue on the actual shelter link and not on our page.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Growing is forever

If you have never seen a Redwood Forest, here is your chance.

Natural Beauty

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers, snow, and frost. Among his most impressive shots are photographs of individual snowflakes that have fallen upon the ground and are in the process of melting away. The shots are so detailed and so perfectly framed that you might suspect them of being computer-generated fabrications.

They’re not though. The images were all captured using a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 DSLR and a 60mm or 90mm macro lens.
Text and more pictures can be found here.

Today's Animal in Need

MACON COUNTY NC URGENT! After 13 years my owners decide to surrender me to the kill shelter on town because they are moving out of town!! The shelter is not a place for me!! please give me a chance to give you love and prove you that old dogs are sweet and loyal. Im good with kids, people, other big dogs but just not very pleased with little dogs
Macon County Animal Control
1377 Lakeside Drive
Franklin, NC 2873
Phone: 828-349-2106

And I will spare you my comments about the "humans" who put this dog in that place.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Natural Beauty

(Image from here)

Not the ones speaking the same language,
but the ones SHARING the same FEELING understand each other.

Rumi ♥

Today's Animal in Need

Flame , a stunning redhead , here over 2YEARs . Many of you have meet her already yet she has no inquires, no interest She is wondering what makes a dog worth saving.  She is beautiful, sweet, healthy, dog friendly, cat friendly and could live with kids and wonders why she is still homeless. 
Flame does not understand why no one has come to save her nor does she
understand phrases like" Oh I only want to save a death row dog or "at least they are at Yonkers."  She only understands that she is lonely frightened and spending her days mostly caged . It's not the life she chose , wants or deserves. Flame longs for the love and security of a home of her own . All our dogs do.


120 Fullerton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10704 (201) 981-3215 or email: Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sat, Sun & Holidays 12:00 - 3:30 PM
Donations to benefit the animals at the Yonkers Shelter may be made to ShelterPetAlliance who collects on behalf of various shelters...Important to note *YONKERS* when online donations are made...SPA is a 501c3 org, so all donations are tax deductible

Anyone interested in sending an item from our Amazon Yonkers Animal Shelter wish list, please go here:
Thanks to all!

THIS IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER RUN SITE..this site is not an official city of Yonkers site

Monday, January 21, 2013

Because I need to laugh...

Natural Beauty

(Image from here)

One of my favorite birds - Red Bellied Woodpecker!  Learn a little more about them here.

Dancing with the Dogs

Today's Animal in Need

PLEASE SHARE! SNARR NE took in 24 new dogs this weekend! Dogs who all avoided death and now have a second chance. But our expenses are going to be HUGE! every dollar helps 

Well Thelma, Louise and their 18 babies have officially arrived in NY. A HUGE thanks to Jen Rowan for driving all the way to Alabama to pick them up and to Kristina Howleyfor fostering this Amazing and very large blended family. Mommies are as sweet as can be and everyone is settling in. Welcome to SNARR!
Donations can be sent through PayPal address: or our general Chip In link: . EVERY dollar helps!! 

SNARR ( Special Needs Animal rescue and Rehabilitation) Has expanded to the Northeast!! We do our best to help any dog in need, and we tend to have a soft spot for those with special needs! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast is a small rescue that focuses on those dogs who have special needs. We also rescue perfectly healthy animals as well; We consider any dog at risk of being euthanized...IS special needs!! We do not have a shelter facility and depend solely on our amazing foster homes. SNARR is ALWAYS looking for new fosters, as it is these wonderful people who truly save the lives of the dogs who are due to be put to sleep. Without a place to put a dog, our hands are tied and we are unable to help.
General Information

Sunday, January 20, 2013


(Image from here)


Stillness will meet you for tea or a walk by the ocean. You must be gentle when you approach her.  She is more sensitive than we can even imagine and she does not explain herself much.  
Sometimes I bring her flowers - not because she needs them (she tends several gardens) - but because I am better able to meet her when I am carrying flowers.
Her favorite time is dawn.  

from The Book of Qualities