Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Natural Beauty - Hen and chick

(Image from here, via FB)


  1. This photo is amazing! Made my day. Recently I found the hard-copy book by the woman artist and author of the scratch-and-peck blog (don't have the url handy) and it gave me new appreciation for all chickens and chicks(not one of which is a woman but a be-ing in her own right)! This photo is gorgeous. Can I say that again!?! How do you do it? Happy heart to see your photographic work.

  2. Oh, I clicked on the FB link, and saw there's a whole photo album of this gorgeous work! Well, you're to be credited for finding such an amazing source of beautiful images (who knew? not me). Thanks for being a skillful blogger and FBer. Some days I'd throw all computers out the window if I could, then there's a blog so beautifully moving as yours, and I'm glad I can't. Not being in control of everything can be good

  3. Thanks, Sally - I don't take these pictures, as you've discovered, but I do stumble across them and post them, with credit to the photographer. Having grown up as the daughter of a photographer, I learned that early!

    The non-human animals are simply amazing to me - the way they look, how they act, how they are their very own selves, how they attempt to communicate with us - and how lacking we are in understanding their language.

    You've inspired me to continue posting scenes from the non human world and I thank you for that! It is a great pleasure of mine to find pictures like this and to find poetry, especially, that might "go" with any picture I post. Knowing that you or anyone else appreciates it is so worthwhile. Thank you!

    I actually do have a few pictures that I think are fairly good - as I said, I am a daughter of a photographer and have one sister who is quite talented in that realm. I'll post a few - I think I posted some of them on my original blog, I see aging happening with my blogs!! I think I need to tie the Medusa's Gaze in with this one to make my online "self" a bit more whole.

    Finding beauty in Nature is easy and important for me. It doesn't matter to me who "captures" the scene- only that it's captured in one of its forays in this realm!

    Have a pleasant evening! xo

  4. I took a picture today and thought of you as I was taking it! (Two Canada geese.) I will post it at some point.

    It's an interesting thing. I grew up with an artist for a mom and I think our artsy parents have helped us have a natural eye. (Well, a developed eye, but very young. Yours is absolutely wonderful.) I will agree with Sally, I enjoy thoroughly the non-human photos you find.

    I have a dog category on my new Pinterest. (I keep thinking you would adore Pinterest once you got in to it.) But I need a general one too.

    This picture is wonderful. (I'd love to see what transpires via Medusa's gaze. I have a theory about Medusa, but I think I'll write a post about it, as I have a painting I did of her...sort of the opposite of the normal depiction of Medusa. So thank you for the inspiration!)

    1. Em!! It's so good to see you!!

      When I stumbled into radfem in January of 2013, I've been kind of stunned - it certainly has been helpful with defining my politics, particularly since the 2008 primaries (and no, I am not getting over it!).

      Also, you would think that the end of the world happened when my basement flooded and destroyed many of my books. Right after that (the Winter Solstice), I've been in a funk - not only emotionally, but I've been feeling sick for the past 6 weeks. I figure 2 more days and the Summer Solstice will be here and maybe, just maybe, whatever my "issue," I'll be on the other side of it! I hope!

      I hear that Pinterest is very addictive, like Twitter - something that I don't need. FB takes up enough of my time, what with the dogs/cats who need homes! They take up a lot of space on my page.

      Well, time for bed - see you in the morning!! xo

    2. It is very addictive. Very.

      I did not realize your basement flooded and you lost books. I am so sorry. That would put me in a funk too.

      Some day, one of those dogs is going to be mine. :) But I think there's a bit of time still before that.

    3. Thanks, Em - I finally got over to your new blog and am following it so that I don't miss anything. I reactivated my WP account and show up as Delphyne49. I'll see you over there in the comments after I catch up on what you've been up to!


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