Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Because I need a laugh...

(Image from here)

I've often said that the smallest dog I'd ever have would be a Sheltie.  I am extremely partial to the herding breed - you know, the border collies, the Belgian Malinois, the rough collies like Lassie.  They're smart, sassy, bossy and beautiful.

B U T - I'm telling you that the more I see these little guys with their pleading eyes and trembling-with-love bodies and those ears, the more I think Yo quiero that Taco Bell perrito!  


  1. I like big dogs: shepards and dobies and portugese water dogs (my favourite, actually.)

    But my neighbor had two of them in Palm Springs and they were sweethearts, but very barky & escape artists! I worry about barky because if neighbors are jerks ...

    1. I like the big dogs, too, but prefer the medium sized ones because I can pick them up by myself if necessary.

      Just looking at these little Chi dogs makes me smile - but then, animals make me smile.


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