Monday, November 12, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

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In Manhattan, N.Y., two gorgeous huskies are desperate need of a new home. The dogs, "Lucky," and "Micky," belong to a man who is losing his fight with a sinister disease.
His name is Bill, and he has end stage lung cancer.
As Bill's time draws near, what will happen to his beloved dogs weighs heavily on his mind.
In fact, finding the bonded pair a loving home is his one dying wish.
The dogs are both neutered, and up to date with their shots. The pair are the best of friends, house-trained, and walk well on lead.
Lucky is eight years of age and Micky is in the prime of his life at six years of age.
Bill is extraordinarily weak right now - he will not be alive for long.
Please take a moment to network for Micky and Lucky with the hopes that a loving home can be found before Bill is gone.
Help Bill pass with the knowledge that his loyal friends will have a good life after he is gone.
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  1. {{ oh oh...
    such loyal looking friends!
    here is hoping
    for the best
    how kind of you
    to help spread the word... }}

    1. Thanks, SPF - I love animals and Nature and want to see them protected from harm. It is the least that I can do for them!


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