Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

Lucas, a collie/shepherd mix, is on death row at the Staten Island, N.Y. animal care and control facility following the death of his guardian.

Years ago, Lucas was adopted from the same facility when he was just a puppy. His initial owners had turned him over to the shelter when they had a baby and no longer had "room" for their 4-legged friend.

In a relatively short span of time, Lucas has come full circle. This time, he is no longer an enticing puppy - he is an adult who is out of time.

Lucas' most recent entrance to this facility follows a devastating tragedy. When super storm Hurricane Sandy descended on New York, Lucas' owner died.
Lucas remained by his owner's side until they were both discovered and Lucas was subsequently transported to the shelter facility.
Suffice to say, Lucas is stressed and confused without his guardian. Shared about this lovely boy:
Lucas is VERY stressed in the shelter and it is showing, he excessively licks his nose so its all dried up and he's scratching himself so much he has some hair loss. Lucas is not a fan of the cage but we had a trainer come and evaluate him today and we think it's definitely something that with time he will adjust to. When Lucas is out of the cage and outside his personality shines through. We think that a home with older children is best because he appears to have been in a home as a single dog with no other animals and is used to quiet.
Please take a moment to network on Lucas' behalf. A local rescue is willing to take Lucas on if a local foster home can be found. Click here to learn more.
Lucas' story here.
Staten Island Center
LUCAS - ID#A0756781 (note, the shelter has put up Lucas' original profile from when he was just 8 months of age)
I am a neutered male, brown Collie - Smooth mix.
The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old.
I weigh 53 pounds.
I was found in NY 11229.
I have been at the shelter since Nov 07, 2012

The NYACC is a hell hole and this poor dog does NOT belong there because his owner died during Hurricane Sandy.  No dog does, no animal does.  That Lucas is on "death row" speaks volumes of the depravity of NYACC - no compassion, a history of abuse, a "shelter" director who simply does not care.

NO KILL is the only way to redeem yourselves, Julie Bank, Mayor Bloomberg - not in 2015, but IMMEDIATELY.  It can be done, is has been done and it is being done.


Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue Lucas has found a foster! All others who applied our foster coordinator will be in touch to talk more about other animals in the shelters! Thank you to all how helped us save him as well as all of you who applied to save him

I saw this on FB today:
LUCAS fans.... Guess who our NY coordinator spotted while dropping off food?!! LUCAS with his new mom. She will be finalizing the adoption! She said he is doing great and coming along more and more each day! Lucas even lost a couple of pounds!! He was so happy!! Lucas is a changed dog he would barely stand still for a photo they were all blurry!!

 (Image from here)

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