Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

This is Donny, an older gelding whose owners abandoned him on their property when it went into foreclosure. No one knows how long he was left but it was thought to be quite a while. He was in thick weeds and brush up to his belly. His only
source of water was when it rained it collected in old buckets tied to the fence. His teeth are in bad shape.

A realtor found him and her son took him to a local barn. Then contacted us for help. The vet doesn't know how he survived for as long as he did. He is being fed around the clock in small meals. He needs to gain about 250lbs. He is about 15.1 hands. Very sweet and grateful to be fed!!! We are in need of sponsors and donations towards his care, it will probably take 8-12 months to rehab him.

You can paypal a donation to info@mylestone.org or mail a donation to Mylestone Equine Rescue 227 Still Valley Rd. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. Please mark your donations for "Donny." Can you share his story, thank you!


Mylestone Equine Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 horse rescue and sanctuary located in New Jersey. The majority of our horses(35+) are companions. We work with special needs students so our horses are able to give back to the community.
Mylestone Equine Rescue is dedicated to abused and neglected horses. MER works to educate the general public and promote the plight of unwanted horses.

Our goal is to place these once magnificent creatures in homes that will give them the true love and care they deserve. If suitable homes are not found, MER will be a permanent home for these horses.
Company Overview
Mylestone Equine Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary located in New Jersey. MER promotes public education about the plight of abused and neglected horses and encourages regulatory action on their humane treatment and transportation. The organization works with humane officials to reduce abuse and neglect.

Mylestone provides regular veterinary care including shots, worming, dentistry, and farrier services as well as special care needs for the horses taken into the program. When, due to illness or injury, comfort can no longer be assured, Mylestone provides humane euthanasia for a painless end.

Horses that are rehabilitated are available for adoption to qualified homes.
We are a registered 501c3 charity receiving our tax exempt status in 1994. Our tax id # is 22-3304384.

UPDATE 11/27/12:

We just wanted to let you know that $800 has been raised so far to help Donny. We purchased a med weight Rhino blanket for him with a high neck. He has had blood work done which was normal amazingly. We are hoping his heart murmur improves as he gains weight back. We have increased his late night last meal, (which is between midnight and 1am) so total he is getting 8 qts of grain now over 24 hours and all the hay he wants. By the end of the week we will increase his grain again. He is thankfully doing well. We greatly appreciate your continued support!

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