Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post Sandy outreach - Jersey strong!

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JERSEY RECOVERY: Kelsey shares this story with us: 
"My parents have a 30 foot camper that they keep in the driveway of their house. Well last weekend, they went to a shelter where people were staying. They explained what they have to one of the people running it, and asked if they had any families there that need somewhere to stay for a bit. My loving parents gave their camper to a family of 3 with an 8 year old little girl for as long as they need it. When the man asked how much they want in rent, my father simply shook his head & said not to worry about it. This family lived in Seaside and lost everything they had. The little girl's birthday was 2 days before that, and all she asked for was a home. I love what my parents did for that family. I think there should be so many more people out there doing the same loving thing. ♥"

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