Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

This is simply heartbreaking and I hope that someone in the San Diego, CA area is available to help these bonded girls.

Craigslist poster writes, "Will you be the ones to save Sweetie and Tuffy? These bonded littermates recently lost their 90 year old mom. Their 90 year old owner has been moved to assisted care for health reasons and will not be able to live alone again and take care of these two girls. Efforts to place them, have gone unanswered. If I can't help get them a home by Nov 10th, they will have to be euthanized. So sad."
"The dogs are 2 spayed 10-year-old female husky shepherd mixes with beautiful bi-colored eyes. They are bonded litter mates and must be adopted together. Would be good in a house with a decent sized back yard and where they can run in and out of the house or garage freely. They are in great health and very active walking 3-5 miles a day or can hike 4 miles and still not seem tired. They probably could do more miles but we don't have the stats. They have a happy disposition and once they get to know you they wag their tails non stop and are very talkative. They are 10 years old but have the energy and personality of 5 years of age. They cannot be kenneled or confined simply because they never have been their whole life and it stresses them out. I think they would be best with dogs that are not aggressive. Those girls are not food, people or dog aggressive which is really good and rare."  The poster adds, "there is no re homing fee and they come with the offer of FREE FOOD for the rest of their lives."

If you think you can help Sweetie and Tuffy, contact the person helping them via Craigslist right away, as they only have a few days left. They can be contacted here: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/pet/3386212128.html

You can read the entire post here.

Update from 11/6/2012:

Facebook: Suzanne Rogers Buckles I am the "advocate" trying to help find these girls a home. Thank you SO MUCH Dogs are Family, for posting this here. I don't know who to thank for getting this info networked , but thank you all. I placed this ad on craigslist - it has been my 3 rd try. Please note that rescue organizations and local shelters have been approached, but no fosters were open, no space at shelter and even Rancho Coastal Humane Society turned them away due to their age, even though they had an extra large kennel unused! The responses I've gotten the last two days are staggering! From the US and Canada. Suzanne Rogers Buckles I've gotten a local san diego ca offer - sounds like a very lovely family, and we will do a "meet and greet" this Thursday. Their prospective new mom sounds wonderful. Please keep good thoughts going their way that this will for the girls. Thanks you Jessica Steinacker for opening up your heart and home to these lovely ladies."

Update from 11/8/2012:

Great news update: Thanks to Suzanne Buckles two special senior bonded litter mates are no longer in danger of being euthanized. The girls may have found their forever home, but Suzanne is still compiling a list of back up families who would be able to care for the girls

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