Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

One of our longest residents.  
Truly forgotten- Cookie has spent 5.5 YEARS out of her 6 years here. 
A volunteer writes: 
"I have never seen any resource guarding,nor have I seen any dog aggression..we do not have kids here unless they come with their parents to visit a dog..Cookie's problem is really simple..she needs leash training...She is difficult to get out of her pen because she jumps and twirls,but in two minutes, she calms down and is very nice..she even laid down for some nice pictures..the problem is that with 100 dogs,people just gravitate to the ones that are easy to show ...If Cookie could be in a short term foster whee she was the only have enough time devoted to her for basic socialization,she would make a great pet...she is very affectionate and loves people ..she has been here almost her entire life so never had the opportunity to learn what is expected of a pet...very sad...she is being worked with and socialized more now,than before,but she needs a home."


120 Fullerton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10704 Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sat, Sun & Holidays 12:00 - 3:30 PM
Donations to benefit the animals at the Yonkers Shelter may be made to ShelterPetAlliance who collects on behalf of various shelters...Important to note *YONKERS* when online donations are made...SPA is a 501c3 org, so all donations are tax deductible

Anyone interested in sending an item from our Amazon Yonkers Animal Shelter wish list, please go here: 

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