Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Morning!

These are Wood Ducks. 

When I first arrived back in NJ, I heard them before I saw them.
When I saw them, I almost fell over:
a pair of Wood Ducks had flown overhead and landed in a tree.

Ducks in a tree.

Cognitive dissonance.

When Kylie and I walk by the river, we see and hear them.
Their cry is very plaintive and slightly eerie.
They're very skittish and I consider myself fortunate to have come across
a mom with 3 chicks, along with the drake 
and they didn't scatter.

Cornell University has a wonderful website about all birds.
They include the sounds the birds make.
Click here to hear the Wood Duck.

(Image from here)

The feet of the Wood Duck - webbed talons,
as a friend described them!
Image from here.

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