Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Beauty

First described as a 'red fox on stilts' ... the Maned Wolf is the largest canid of South America. 

Maned wolves are solitary and do not form packs - hunting alone on grasslands for small prey. Individuals mark territory with their urine, which is noted to have a distinctive smell similar to hops or cannabis.

Listed as vulnerable by the Brazilian government, the maned wolf is not actually a wolf (or a fox, coyote, dog, or jackal), but the only remaining species of a distinct canid genus.
Image and text from here, via FB.


  1. the legs remind me of the deer's fragile legs. I love the fact that you introduce animals that I've neither seen nor had knowledge of their existence.

  2. Thanks, Norma - Nature never ceases to amaze and delight me! I'm happy that you enjoy some of these entries!!


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