Friday, April 19, 2013

Walking on lion colored hills...

(Image from here)

                           "Today I walked on the lion-coloured hills
                      with only cypresses for company, 
                      until the sunset caught me, turned the brush
                      to copper
                      set the clouds 
                      to one great roof of flame 
                      above the earth,
                      so that I walk through fire, beneath fire,
                      and all in beauty. 
                      Being alone
                      I could not be alone, but felt
                      (closer than flesh) the presence of those
                      who once had burned in such transfigurations.
                      My happiness ran through the centuries
                      in one continual brightness.  Looking down,
                      I saw the earth beneath me like a rose
                      petaled with mountains,
                      fragrant with deep peace." 
                      Elizabeth Coatsworth, On the Hills, 1924 

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