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Heavenly Messages by Melissa

April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Because I am a fan of Fools I’ve always loved this day. Not the ignorant type, but clever Fools who make you laugh at the ways of world and more importantly at yourself. If there is one thing I truly know for sure, when you take yourself too seriously life gets to be a drag, but when you laugh and find joy in whatever comes your way life becomes lighter and brighter. People like Mark Twain and Will Rogers were these kind of fools from other eras. And Swami Beyondananda is a modern fool, visit his website and you’ll see what I mean. And join in on his State of the Universe message  on 4/1

One thing for certain is on every April 1st the Sun travels in Aries, a sign noted for in your face style. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, a fire sign ruled fittingly by red planet Mars. Aries are big idea generators whose energy is highly focused and passionate. When born with Sun in Aries, you are here to learn how to follow your true path of heart with gusto! The best natives of this vibrant sign teach the rest of us what it means to put pure intent into manifesting goals. There is plenty of Aries energy around now as you’ll read below. Aries fires up passion, so be careful which passions are stirred in you!

Here are some quotes from Sun in Aries natives which reveal the wonderful side of this motivational sign:

Just like the moons and the suns, with the certainty of the tides, just like hopes springing high, still I’ll rise. ~ Maya Angelou

You and I are the force for transformation in the world. We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving into. ~Ram Dass

I listened, motionless and still; And, as I mounted up the hill, The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more. ~ William Wordsworth

Everyone alive in this red hot time is part of a changing history that is unfolding at rapid speed! My wish for you is that your life unfolds in perfection and that you’ll enjoy every vibrant moment!

~ Melissa

p.s. For Neptune in Pisces fans I posted 2 more websites with fascinating Neptune connections under April additions.

Heavenly Messages for April 2013

Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (21° Aries) is on 4/11 at 5:35a, the Full Moon (6° Scorpio) is on 4/25 at 3:37p with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Pluto goes retrograde on 4/12 at 11° Capricorn (thru 9/20/13), the Sun enters Taurus on 4/19 at 6:30p and Mars enters Taurus on 4/20. The Lyrids meteor shower is 4/21-22. on All times are EDT.  

Click here to read your individual sign messages for April.

April’s astro energy begins on fast forward! Both Mars and Venus join the Sun and Uranus in Aries to light the skies with this message blazing: “Change is here, jump on board and don’t look back!” I’m sure you feel this urge to do things in new ways and when Mercury flies into Aries on 4/12 the message will be heard louder and clearer.

With all this major Aries energies you Rams had better pull your head up sharp, and Scorpio too – there is a Lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Scorpio and your ruler Pluto goes retro this month too. Aries is in astro news again when ruler Mars enters Taurus for the first time in 2 years, and this affects Taurus Bulls too. Read about it all here and check your individual sign messages for April HERE for more personal insight.

As always “as above, so below” is in play in the fields of the world. Mars, planet of action which rules war and aggression, entered firebrand Aries last month re-igniting flames lit during the Spring of 2011 the last time Mars visited Aries. On 4/1 Pluto in Capricorn forms a challenging square to Mars and all the other planets in Aries too, most importantly Uranus planet of unpredictability. This re-actives part of the tense Cardinal Cross so much discussed over the last few years which was responsible for creating major change – like it or not!

The young bellicose ruler of North Korea Kim Jong Un stepped up to this aggressive plate and has been rattling his nuclear saber as the US and South Korea play war game exercises. Declaring that “North Korea is in a state of war with South Korea” and holding a mass rally of thousands with everyone chanting “Death to the U.S. imperialists” and “Sweep away the U.S. Aggressors”, this newly appointed 28 year old ruler wants to convince the world his is bigger than theirs. Certainly North Koreans have no choice but to believe this, since they are completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Kim Jong Un is a virtual poster child for current astrology themes. Born on January 8, 1984 his Sun is in Capricorn, his ruling planet Saturn is in Scorpio along with Pluto (a potent combination!) and his Moon is in Pisces – and all three signs are being highly activated now. (See his birth chart HERE) Pluto entered Capricorn over 4 years ago for the first time since 1762 and began transforming all worldly structures like governments and corporations. Saturn entered the potent sign of Scorpio last October for the first time in 30 years to expose and restructure worldly power-players, and Neptune entered mystical (murky) Pisces last year for the first time in 165 years to dissolve the “real” world as we’ve known it.

Kim Jong Un is in the midst of his Saturn return, a time when all young adults must prove themselves and take on additional responsibilities. Saturn was also in Scorpio in the early 1950′s during the Korean War which created the 2 state Korea – North and South as we know it today. What goes around comes around and issues never fully settled then are oozing back now. South Korea just elected Park Geun-Hye their first female President which must give further fuel to Kim Jong Un’s need to prove his masculine power. His Piscean Moon is a perfect match for ruling a country lost in never-never land, totally isolated in their own delusional reality.

Kim Jong Un was also born with Mars in Libra, the sign opposite Aries where Mars is now, so Mars is the rammy kid on the other end of the see-saw further pushing his buttons. Even the Stealth Bombers the U.S. snuck in over North Korea (on 3/29) as if to say, “Our war toys are sneakier and more powerful than yours” is right out of a Scorpio play book. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks! What all this posturing will lead to remains to be seen. Luckily Venus is also in Aries traveling by Mars side helping to calm tensions, so let us hope posturing is the operative concept.

By mid month first Venus (on 4/15) then Mars (on 4/20) enter Taurus, a grounded “steady as a rock” earth sign. Venus rules Taurus and is delighted to get her hands in warm Spring soil, eager to plant seeds in her earthly garden. Venus in Taurus is a delight and will be here until 5/9 so soak up her yummy rays! Mars has not visited Taurus since May 2011 and will be here until the end of May. Taurus/Mars is the sturdy bull everyone wants to carry their heaviest loads and has a loyal, trusting energy, but is stubborn as a bull too! Great for grounding ideas and projects into workable reality, but don’t push too hard or you’ll get a hoof in the head!

Pluto, tiny but potent planet, turns retrograde on 4/12 through 9/20. Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio (along with Mars) so you Phoenixes tend to feel his energy more deeply than most. Pluto continues his long sojourn in Capricorn and retros from 11° back to 8° Capricorn before turning direct on 9/20.

Pluto’s astrological function is transformation. Pluto was named after the old Roman god of Hell and faithful to this name brings muck up from the deepest levels of your psyche so you must stop denying it exists and can begin the process of change. When Pluto retros this process becomes more internalized than usual. These effects are subtle, yet powerful. No one can deny the persistence of Pluto. A good metaphor for Pluto is “metal ball”. When Pluto comes rolling around, he begins by tapping gently to get your attention. If you acknowledge the need for change, Pluto acts like a ball bearing, helping you glide along life’s track with wisdom and ease. Conversely, if you stubbornly remain stuck in denial and wallow in your old slimy stuff, Pluto becomes like a metal battering ram – pushing you relentlessly. And if you continue to resist needed change, Pluto shoves through until your back is broken!

Anyone born between December 30 through January 1 continues to experience a once in a lifetime Pluto pass over your Sun sign and if you have Capricorn Rising, Moon or other important planets at these Capricorn degrees (8-11°) you’ll notice these affects as well. Your message is to have the courage to transform at all levels. (See your individual message for more insight.)

Scorpio is in astro news again this month with a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at the Full Moon on 4/25. It is a Partial Lunar Eclipse occurring at 6° Scorpio, beginning at 6:05p EDT with the maximum phase at 8:08p. For where it can be viewed and technical details visit HERE This is the first of 5 eclipses this year, with 2 more occurring next month – solar on 5/10 and a lunar on 5/25. During eclipse periods people feel spacy and often too distracted to maintain normal routines. Dreams seem more prophetic, and even in waking states you feel dreamy and disconnected. Time morfs and it’s difficult to maintain a grounded state. It feels as if the veils between heaven and earth get thinner.

Lunar eclipses always occur on a Full Moon and astrologically indicate openings which bring you in touch with deeper emotional, intuitive, even psychic states. Those who are unused to these feelings may feel unstable and out of control. In contrast the Full Moon is a very obvious and outward time (who does not notice a Full Moon!). It is a time to celebrate fulfillment and engender gratitude for accomplishments – a “harvest” time. This is why the ancients felt foreboding during a lunar eclipse, their reason to celebrate was being eaten away by unknown forces. Partial lunar eclipses are not considered as potent as total ones, but the effects are felt nevertheless.

Eclipse effects can be felt weeks before and after the actual eclipse date and since this is the first of 3 eclipses within a one month span you can expect these them to be more pronounced. Maybe you’ve already noticed your dreams are more vivid than usual, I know mine have been and I’ve been hearing this from many other people too. When combined with the Neptune and Chiron in Pisces mystical energy so prevalent now, it’s one of those times when sensitive people will be tuning into different wavelengths for sure!
I hope all the wavelengths you tune into motivate you and bring you to higher levels than you ever thought possible!

IMAGE NOTE: I chose this painting Red Bird, a mixed media painted in 2013 by Martha Posner, for April’s issue because it perfectly captures the swift Aries energy flying in this month. I love both the power and beauty of this Red Bird! 

Martha exhibits at Accola Griefen gallery and you can see more of her work at

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