Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's really Spring in this part of New Jersey when....

I see the following flowers - which I did on our walk this morning.  

Trout Lily!

Did you know that Trout Lilies grow in colonies
that can be 300 years old?  They're named
Trout Lily because their leaves
resemble a Brook Trout.

Lesser Celandine!

The woods are full of them now - they blanket the ground
in green and yellow.  They inspired William Wordsworth to write:

I have seen thee, high and low.
Thirty years or more, and yet,
T'was a face I did not know.


A big patch of them growing by the County Road
and which were not there yesterday.
Magic lives in our Woods!

Spring Beauty!

I spied a small patch just up the trail
from the Trout Lily.


I saw a few tiny umbrellas poking up
through the leaves.  These plants
always, always make me
The Mayapple is the American Mandrake,
but I like to call them Umbrellas
and picture the woodland faeries
dancing beneath them
under the Full Moon!

Today's temperature is forecast to be 83!  That's more like Summer than Spring, but such a treat after some cold temperatures not so long ago!

Heat turned off, windows and back door opened....

Welcome Spring!

All images are bloggers except the Mayapple.  The original of it can be found here.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the update! makes me want to go for a walk right now in those lovely spring woods!

    1. The path by the bridge is open until you start the climb to the street - they you have a slight detour to the right, climb over some trees and meet the path again.

      I'm going to check by the old picnic house, if I can, tomorrow and see if there are any morels.


  2. Everything is blooming and it's so nice to see when walking. I've always loved Daffodils (Lauphodils) and they are everywhere. Reminds me of the Sun. My perennials have all poked up and are getting spruced in time for the June heat. I am eagerly awaiting my rhododendron and azaleas. Squeeeeeeeee : )

    1. Nothing like Spring in NJ! I love daffodils, too - people in town who live along the County Road throw their old bulbs into the woods. There are patches of them blooming through the woods and down the hill - it's a treat to see!

      The forsythias are opening, the Magnolia trees are starting to bloom, so the azaleas and rhodos can't be far behind!


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