Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas

A harp seal pup.
Merry Christmas! We present you with what, we hope, will be the least irritating rendition of this song ever. Enjoy. (And you're welcome.)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, OnEarth gave to me …
a flock of puffins.
Twelve puffins puffing.

A raft of otters.
Eleven furballs floating.

A rookery of elephant seals.
Ten seals a-sunning.

a flock of penguins.
Nine penguins prancing.

A troop of snow monkeys.
Eight thumbs o-pposing.

A bevy of swans.
Seven swans a-swimming.

a pod of walruses
Six tons a-laying.

Fiiiiive musk-ox-en.

A slueth of grizzlies.
Four hauling cubs.

A sleuth of polar bears.
Three white bears.

A pack of wolves.
Two timber wolves.

And a raptor in a bare tree.
Happy Holidays


  1. even though I do not find "12 Days of Christmas" tiresome, I do like your version very much!


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