Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Tale of Iceland and Elves

The main thing for me was to help the elves. They were about to lose their home under a big road. Árni wanted to thank them for saving his life, so he went through all this trouble to move their home to safety. Árni asked me to ask the elves what they wanted to do - if they wanted to move the rock to another location nearby, to move out of the stone or to move to Vestmannaeyjar. 
The elves took their time to discuss the matter with each other and get information about Vestmannaeyjar. They decided they wanted to move with their old home to the island, but they had a few demands. They wanted to travel in a separate travelling unit - a basket warm and cozy in a safe distance from all the big trucks needed to move their house. They wanted the big window wall on their home to face a good view over the ocean, and they wanted their house on grass so they could keep sheep. Árni could promise all this, and I promised to move the elves myself in a basket all the way to Vestmannaeyjar.
Read the entire delightful story here.

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