Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hummingbird squeeeeee

My friend, ~m~, lives in the Bay Area of California and has had a lot of hummingbirds nest in her back yard.  This is the latest batch - babies #14 and #15, Mommie #8.  

I've seen hummingbirds nests up close and personal - they are teeny tiny!  The lights in the last picture are your standard Christmas tree lights so you can compare the size of the nest and Mommie bird.

i hope you enjoy these pictures as much a I do!

Oh, squeeeee......


  1. Those eggs are just the size and color of the sugared almonds we were allowed on Sundays.
    I have to admit, I was infatuated by those nails!
    However does she do it?
    Love to you♥♥
    As a PS:
    I thank you for thinking of me,
    and further, remembering my word Shine...
    please don't be surprised to see that image turn up on my blog :)

  2. So wonderful. My neighbor in Arizona had a tiny nest on top of Christmas lights on her porch. It was so fun to watch the babies hatch and fledge.

    The nest was made atop one of the plug junctions where two strands were plugged together. Teeny!

    When she moved, she took down the lights and I found the little nest and have it still.


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