Friday, January 18, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

There is an auction tonight near us, and horses will sell for under $100 to slaughter. 
How can I go when we have so few adopters coming out? Once they come, they usually find a forever friend. We work hard to make lasting connections.
But that doesn't help any horse tonight.
For that horse, the one we cannot save, will you please post out one of our adoptable horses?
Our Horse Of the Week is Cleo, a 3 yo tall drink of water, a beautiful paint filly rescued from the kill pens. It's her time to find a family.
During her Week, her adoption fee is half off.
Seriously, we will, if you are an approved adopter.
Please post her or another out!


A 501c-3 non profit sanctuary for horses, artists, and a couple of ex-Brooklynites.
At Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, Inc., our mission is to rescue horses in need, and protect them for life.
We save equines from slaughter, neglect, and abuse. Most have been passed from owner to owner, never knowing a herd or consistency.
When they arrive here, they are home.
We provide each with the care, training, and space to recover, for however long they need. If a horse cannot recover, they live while they are comfortably able, and 'cross the rainbow bridge' with dignity and friends by their side. Our horses do not live or die alone. Working closely with our professional team of equine specialists, we make our decisions based on what is best for each horse and the sanctuary family. Our horses live in dynamic natural environments, in herd groups, creating vital bonds that are honored and protected.
While adoption is not our focus, select horses may be available to adopt, under a limited contract, to the right home. In addition, we educate horse owners and the general public about the wretched conditions many horses suffer, and how they can improve both the physical and emotional guardianship of horses.
Rosemary Farm is 'Where horses get to be horses'.
Company Overview
Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, Inc, is a registered 501c-3 charity, and a registered non-profit in NYS, that rescues horses in dire need. Some are made available for adoption, many live here for life. We offer tours and education.
Our EIN is 45-5185301 and our DLN: 17053226305032 for tax purposes.
Our name, Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, was chosen because we consider being a 'sanctuary' our most important feature. Being a sanctuary is our gift to the horses here. We cannot welcome them all, but the ones we take in become family, and we do everything we are capable of to allow them happiness.
Adoption is one possible outcome, but it is not our goal. Only a portion of our horses are available for adoption at any time, if we feel it is the best plan for the horse and the farm family.
Sanctuary is our goal. Sharing with you is our goal. Trying to change a few lives for the better is our goal (which started with ours).Some of our horses are selectively available for adoption.
We are a 501c-3, donations after April 20, 2012 ARE tax deductible.
We welcome visitors, with an APPOINTMENT!
Contact us
General Information
Historic 114 acre farm located in the catskill mountains of New York.
Beautiful place to spend a weekend, there are wonderful B&B's that we can suggest, great bookstores and antique shops. Please visit!~
La Basse Cour,
Margaretville Mountain Inn

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