Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Haiku

(Image and text from here)

Pretty pink flowers
Praying mantis camouflage
Unsuspecting moth

Rebecca is hosting Haiku My Heart Friday, where you can read some really fabulous haikus.
Click here to be transported.
Haiku by blogger
Orchid mantis, anyone?


it mimics orchid flowers. They are usually white, but some of them grow little tints of pink over time. They live in papaya trees, orchids and frangipiani trees with flowers in Malaysia, Indonesia & Sumatra.


  1. Ok. Have to tell you. I'm no fan of bugs and mantises totally give me the willies. That not withstanding, I watched this entire video (cringing a lot) and enjoyed his adventures, his thoughts, his determination to get where he wanted to go and maintain his privacy while he was at it (GET that off switch!!).

    Oh! And! Nice haiku too. LOL

  2. Mantis are fascinating animals. Your haiku gives them plenty of life.

  3. Very fascinating indeed! Wonderful haiku.


  4. Thank you for a wonderful haiku and intro to a mantis I had never seen before!

  5. Excellent haiku and photography ~ Was told praying mantis are very sacred.

    A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  6. {{ had to come back
    & look again
    as this is So Amazing ...

    wishing I had such as this
    in my garden
    than grasshoppers
    Large & hungry !! }}

  7. Creepy, fascinating and beautiful creature...all at once. Cool haiku :-)

  8. I have always been intrigued by praying mantis... but had no idea they came in this camouflage! Absolutely amazing! I think I might be that unsuspecting moth, so intrigued am I! Thank you dear Ruby gypsy wanderer! XO p.s. your haiku is wonderful too!

  9. Oh my -- the lengths Mother Nature will go to in order to garb her creatures. This is spectacular!

  10. so unreal! poor me, I've seen only green mantises. so lovely, so lethal.
    beautiful haiku!

  11. i have to say praying mantis have captivated me since childhood. the way they will look right into your eyes and tilt their heads when you speak to them, as if hoping to understand more closely.
    i however have not meet an orchid impostor. nature is astounding, inspiring and delightful,
    as are you!!

  12. Glorious!My love to you and all the beauty you find.

  13. Amazing! Such an intriguing image - love your haiku!

  14. You find the most interesting
    obscure stories...
    I liked your haiku very much Kathy♥


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