Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Singalong

I played Laura's albums constantly way back
in the late '60s.  I think I had most of
them that she made at that time.
She left us way too soon.

The following comments were left on the
YouTube page and I thought that
they are an interesting bit of
information about Laura 
and this song.

This is Laura's cousin Danny. Thank you for posting this bare and intimate version of Emmie, a song which Laura said was "about the eternal feminine." The cycle of a girl becoming a woman, and here, Laura the young woman lyrically longs for, but ultimately kisses goodbye the fading innocence of her girlhood. A beautiful and unique expression of self-realization. It never grows old. Thanks for keeping it alive! Wishing you the best.. Dan
Laura refers to her younger self as Emmie, and her "mama" would have, indeed, been her mother, my Aunt Gilda, a wonderful, protective lady who doted on and guarded Laura, and with whom Laura was extremely close. This was my Aunt Gilda's favorite song of Laura's.

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