Monday, January 28, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

Volunteer group working with the animals at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in New Jersey. 
Our volunteers provide much-needed emotional and physical support to the many animals at Burlington County Animal Shelter. By walking the dogs we help to calm them and get them used to walking on a leash.

By taking the cats out of their cages and either petting them or letting them stretch their legs in our cat activity tents, we are reducing their fear and stress that naturally occurs when animals are housed in a shelter setting.

Our goal is very simple. We want to make the animals' lives easier and help make each animal more adoptable so we can save as many animals as possible that pass through the shelters doors
General Information
Monday & Thursday 12pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 12pm - 4pm
Saturday 12pm -4pm
Sundays & Holidays closed

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