Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice Drumming - way cool!

In minus 20C, they found by pure chance that the one metre thick ice has a distinctive and haunting rhythm all of its own, the coolest music on earth. We all know New Wave music, but this is Frozen Wave, with the tune made from tapping the ice-bound water of the 25 million year old lake, the oldest and deepest on the planet.

'It was the most fantastic experience I have ever had - and a very personal one',  said Irkutsk architect Natalya Vlasevskaya, 31, a mother-of-one and organiser of Etnobit percussion group.
'I felt like we were playing on the drums that Nature has left out for us, alone under the sun on the frozen waters of the world's most magnificent lake.'
How did they realise they could make their own Coldplay on Baikal? 
'The wife of one of our drummers, Sergei Purtyan, slipped and fell down, and as she landed on the ice, she made a very musical 'boooooom' sound -  so nice and deep that her husband, who has a very good ear, said 'Hold on, what was it? How did you make that noise?'

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