Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

This handsome dunskin gelding is very respectful with a quiet, willing attitude on the ground but is either green or unstarted so is looking for an experienced owner/trainer to work with him under saddle.
#477 - Dunskin Gelding. Age: 8. Height: 15. Price: $350. Respectful in the pen, was led into the ring, then ridden briefly at a walk. Said to be broke but appeared as though he may not be. Needs an experienced rider/trainer to work with him.

Total Cost With Fees: $500.50

Notes: This guy was quiet in the pen and although he wasn't overly interested in me or my treats he was extremely respectful and responsive when asked to lift his feet, move over, etc. He's well put together and has a really nice QH type build. He was led quietly into the ring by one of the riders who said that this guy doesn't ride but with promoting the rider did get on. With a rider on board this guy froze and after a lot of urging was only willing to take a step or two. It was announced that he IS broke...however from what we saw in the ring and what the riders described of his behavior it is very possible that he either isn't broke or hasn't been ridden in a long time. Therefore he will require an experienced rider/trainer to start or restart him.


Horses are located @ Camelot Auction House, 43 Brickyard Road, Cranbury, NJ. (609) 448-5225 If you wish to purchase one of these horses, please contact Camelot directly. No fundraising on this page.
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These horses are located at Camelot Auction House, 43 Brickyard Road, Cranbury, NJ. (609) 448-5225. If you wish to purchase one of these horses, please contact Camelot directly.

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