Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Garlic, the stinking rose

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love - LOVE - garlic!  I don't think I know how to cook a main meal without it.  If using a recipe for the first time and it calls for garlic, I always - ALWAYS - increase the amount.

My friends who live in Sonoma, California grow garlic and created this poster, which is now available on Amazon.  You can find the link to it here and here. They always send me a box of their homegrown stuff once a year and it is simply divine!  I think the poster image would make a fabulous apron, ceramic tile trivet or a nice linen tea towel.  I hope they expand their offerings!

On my old blog, I have some recipes and information about garlic (and other food stuff).  You can find it here.

Yes, indeedy - I heart garlic!


  1. If I had to choose between chocolate and garlic, I would choose garlic.

    I am really glad I don't have to choose, though! (I lived in Salinas, CA for awhile, right around the corner from Gilroy. The garlic there is amazing!!)

    1. Ah, Gilroy - land of garlic!

      I think I would choose garlic over just about anything! All of the other food stuffs that I enjoy are enhanced by garlic and a bit of salt!


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