Thursday, February 14, 2013

Natural Beauty

Rosa dancing

photo by blogger

VDay - 1 Billion Rising 

Trigger warning:

The film begins with some scenes of violence towards women.  

It doesn't end with violence winning, though.

Violence will never "win" in spite of appearances.

Life is stronger than and more resilient than violence.

Women are stronger than and more resilient than violence.

Life = Women

Women = Life

You can read more here and here.

“February 14, 2013 will change the world not because it is a day of magic, although there are indeed mystical elements surrounding this campaign. It will change the world because the preparation for it and organizing for it has already created an energetic wind or wave igniting existing efforts to end violence against women and create new ones,” said Ensler in a statement.

Inspiration is disturbing.  She does not believe in guarantees or insurance or strict schedules.  She is not interested in how well you write your grant proposal or what you do for a living or why you are too busy to see her.  She will be there when you need her but you will have to take it on trust.
She knows when you need her better than you do. 

from The Book of Qualities

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