Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cosmic News: Fireworks from the Sea

Image: "Blue Equinox" by Aimee Trayser. Of her work, Aimee says, " paintings are defined not so much by what we see as by the quality inherent in our dreams." See more at [].  

There's the old saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Probably not this month. This year, "March comes in like a Fish, goes out like a Ram." After swimming through a dreamy sea of planets in Pisces as March begins, we end with planetary fireworks in Aries. Firecrackers and popcorn will be popping.

MARCH 2013 begins with the blurry reality of an underwater world. With so many planets in Pisces—including Mercury retrograde!— we are like fish in a cosmic sea of vibrational frequencies, solar plasma influx and energetic cross-currents. As indicated by astrophysics, we are entering ever more deeply now into the photon belt, shimmering with invisible light that impacts us on both cellular and etheric levels. Atoms are rearranging themselves inside and around us. With vigilance we can dance in the rainbow light rather than be sucked into the dismay of anxiety and fear. Which wave are you riding at any moment? We have a fabulous opportunity here to welcome the new energy as a kind of cosmic vacuum cleaner. 
There are no specific planetary shifts until the New Moon, after which the Aries fireworks display commences.

First, let's dive into the waters and consider potentials.

The NEW MOON at 22 PISCES, March 11, 1:51pm CST,
is the first of this Chinese Year of the Water Snake, thematically hosting an ocean of Pisces planets: Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Sun-Moon and Mars. That's a lot of fish in the sea! Let's sort them out.

NEPTUNE continues to rule in its own Dreamtime sign, with increasingly subtle affects that stir the soul but slide sideways and slippery in the mundane world, especially with Mercury retrograde. Still at the beginning of its 14-year stay in Pisces, Neptunian themes infuse movies, music and the internet with images that speak to the collective consciousness. What are you watching lately? Our level of emotional sensitivity may be more open and impressionable, needing plenty of down time to clear the waters. Watch out what you watch, as images may stick with you longer and haunt your waking hours. While thinking about themes for this month, I web surfed into Eckhart Tolle, with his NOW presence, very apt for any time—especially NOW!

MERCURY is retrograde until the 17th. Distractions, wonderments and confusions diffuse any clear-edged reality, which eludes our grasp and seems to shapeshift when we try to locate our space-time coordinates. Saturn in Scorpio supports this proposition, agreeing that reality is "in process" of being redefined. This Mercury retrograde is a fine time to allow the mind to deeply relax and offer up guidance in its quiet murmur.

The "sweet spot" of this retrograde is on March 4, when Mercury is in the heart of the Sun. The Magician aspect of Mercury takes over from the Trickster, able to cancel out the retrograde frustrations and bring out the best of its insight. Ask for a special message and try out the possibilities in this moment to connect Heaven with Earth. 

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