Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Haiku - Mermaids

Do mermaids exist?
Look!  She dives with great white shark
serene in her home.

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You can read about Ocean Ramsey's dive here.

She said that when she goes for a free dive, which means she swims with no oxygen tank, she must keep her heart rate low and not alarm the animal by breathing heavily which creates bubbles. 


The longest she can stay underwater for without oxygen is 5 min and 45 seconds.
Her website is here.


  1. I do believe in mermaids. I am mesmerized by them. In fantasy and my own reality, they exist. The Selkies too. The video and the site intrigue me, not because she dances with sharks, but for the beauty of motion and the strange world of what is underwater . Fabulous post. Wonderful haiku.


  2. Oh they must exist! You've shown us one today!

  3. Yes - I think mermaids do exist...just maybe not in the form we so often think of! Five minutes and 45 seconds underwater with sharks??? It's all pretty darned incredible to me!

  4. Wow...I have had mermaid dreams but never to swim with those many toothed creatures. Sea turtles would be my companions of choice.
    Beautiful experience
    Happy Weekend !

  5. Lovely underworld haiku and great photo ^_^

  6. Living in Florida and knowing what these sharks can do, um..this is one brave girl.

  7. You must respect the tolerance of the shark,
    he was probably more scared than she at first
    encounter. Respect for life and all creatures is the first step
    in Love. And then: Love conquers all.
    Thank you for sharing this Kathy,
    I also went and read her bit...beautiful. ♥♥

  8. Extraordinary. I wonder if a Great White perceives the swimmers differently from how they are seen from below when a swimmer is on the surface? True, she is free diving and not producing bubbles but certainly the cameraman and her guardian must be. Nevertheless, an extraordinary video. So glad I had a chance to see it.

  9. you might be wondering if i exist! alas dear friend it's been a trying week full of loss and challenges. i am so sorry to have only now arrived to enjoy being here at your blog home and dream of mermaids and perhaps a chance to swim in the sea.


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