Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

Please meet today's Awesome Adoptable duo, Bella and Edward!

Edward and Bella are now 4 years old. They are very shy cats. Sadly, the couple who adopted them in 2009 recently had a child and decided that the cats had to leave. Now these siblings are quite depressed, having lost the only family they have known. Please consider opening your hearts to these kitties, who simply want a quiet and peaceful home FOREVER.

Original Post in 2009:

This pair is inseparable. Read on to learn of their brush with death and how they were saved. Bella & Edward are quite a pair! These two six month old kitties were found together on the streets, helping one another get through being homeless. They were taken to a North Jersey Shelter where they were on death row because of overcrowding. A volunteer rescued Bella first, but then found out that she had a brother! Edward was brought to her foster home about a week later and, since their reunion, Bella and Edward have been inseparable! Bella is a unique dilute torti, with striking colors and amazing golden eyes. Bella can be a shy-bear at first but she does love attention. She just likes to come to you. Edward is a gray tuxedo who did have infected back paws. The foster family tells us that Edward was a champ taking his medication and is happy to now be all well!

It would be such a wonderful happy ending to Bella & Edward's sad and scary tale to able to live together forever in a loving home! They keep each other company, clean each other and are content just being together! They get along perfectly but do not like to eat out of the same bowl!

For more information about adopting these two BFFs (Best Furry Friends), please contact our Foster Coordinator Heather at


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