Friday, February 1, 2013

Heavenly Messages by Melissa, 1 Feb 2013

February 1, 2013
The quirky month of February has arrived – the month of Super Bowls, groundhog shadows, the magic and mayhem of Mardi Gras, and celebration of Valentine’s and President’s Days. An odd mix indeed.

February always begins with the Sun in crystal blue Aquarius the zodiac sign associated with unique qualities too. Aquarius is the iconoclast, railing against the system. Aquarius is highly intelligent and creative – the true originals who follows the light of their own stars. In fact Aquarius is the sign which rules Astrology, fitting for this 10,000 foot perspective sign.
Aquarians are extremely independent and walk their own path, yet also recognize the value of the collective and want all to share equally in society’s bounty. When born with Sun in Aquarius you are learning to be like a lighthouse, rising high above the turbulent waves, shining the light of truth and clarity as a guide to all.
Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. ~ Virginia Woolf
Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~ Ophra Winfrey
I couldn’t decided between these 2 quotes of FDR’s because over 80 years later they ring just as true, so here are both:
Better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Money changers who have fled from their high seats in the temples of our civilization…they know only the rules of a generation of self-seekers. They have no vision and where there is no vision, the people perish.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
May you be uplifted to a higher vision this month and always!
~ Melissa
Heavenly Messages for February 2013
Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (at 21° Aquarius) is on 2/10 at 2:20a (On 2/9 at 11:20P PT), the Full Moon (at 7° Virgo) is on 2/25 at 3:26p. Mars enters Pisces on 2/1, Chinese year of the Snake begins on 2/10, Saturn goes retrograde at 11° Scorpio on 2/18 (thru 7/7) the Sun enters Pisces on 2/18 at 7:02a, Mercury goes retrograde at 20° Pisces on 2/23 at 4:41a (thru 3/17). Unless noted All times are ET.Read your individual sign messages HERE
February begins on a crystal blue Aquarius high note that reverberates throughout the month. Aries take note – your ruler Mars splashes into Pisces on 2/1 and at mid-month heads up for Capricorn – your ruler Saturn goes retrograde on 2/18. Since Saturn retros in Scorpio you Eagles better look sharp too. Later on 2/23 Mercury goes retro too, which means Gemini and Virgo need to pay attention as well. See your individual sign messages HERE for more insight.
On 2/1 Venus enters Aquarius and joins the Sun and Mercury already skating along this crystal clear sign. Sweet Venus will be a welcome change from rammy Mars who leaves Aquarius on 2/1 after a 6 week transit. Where Mars is “in your face!” with Aquarius ideals, Venus more gently points out ideas from the 10,000 foot perspective. This Aquarius band plays well with Jupiter now moving forward again in fellow air sign Gemini. Jupiter is the leader of the band helping direct the high notes to reach the audience better. The Moon is in the 3rd air sign, lovely Libra, on 2/1 so higher love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s month.
Aquarius is the most cutting edge of all signs and encourages innovation in fields like science and medicine. This past week the news about the remarkable double-arm transplant of the soldier Brendan Marrocco who lost all 4 limbs from a roadside bomb in Iraq is a case in point. It’s a remarkable medical achievement, not to mention an achievement of Marrocco’s pure will and heart. This operations took place in December but Mars rules soldiers with Mars in Aquarius it’s no coincidence this story was released now – as above/so below. Read more HERE
Mars has been in Aquarius since late December where he is the ultimate idealist and fights valiantly for positive change, but on the downside Mars/Aquarius is arrogantly sure of his own opinions and a bit of a conspiracy loon too. Mars in Aquarius had a major square with Saturn in “power and control” Scorpio and Wayne LaPierre executive VP of the National Rifle Association was a poster child for this clash. LaPierre was born with Sun in Scorpio (so Saturn is bearing down hard on him now) and his Moon (emotional nature) is in Aquarius. LaPierre’s many appearances as a spokesperson for the NRA where he was literally frothing at the mouth gives you a taste of how Mars operates!
Mars enters the soft waters of Pisces on 2/1 for the first time in 2 years bringing a completely different attitude. Mars is the planet of action and in Pisces puts energy and motivation into creativity, healing and spiritual pursuits. Mars/Pisces is the serene monk in meditation, the poet, artist and dreamer. Mars in Pisces encourages you to dive deep to find pearls of wisdom and beauty as you commune with nature and your own inner/higher guidance. On the downside Mars in Pisces pulls you down into pity parties and fosters escapism. Mars and Jupiter square each other during the first 2 weeks of the month, and at the same time Mars will be connecting with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces who also join this tense aspect. This square creates a challenge between your busy multi-tasking life versus your need for rest, relaxation and recuperation making it more difficult to stay in balance. Your health can get a hit with this too. Put emphasis on the relaxation end and you’ll be better off.
On 2/18 Saturn turns retrograde beginning an annual 4+ month backward journey, through 7/7 this year. Saturn rules Capricorn and represents form, function, discipline and governs worldly authority structures. When Saturn retrogrades you have to work a bit harder to stay focused on the road ahead, and dig deeper to find order in your life. Saturn retros at 11° Scorpio and returns to 2° Scorpio on his backward journey. Anyone with Sun, Rising, Moon or other important planets at these degrees will feel this once in 30 year scouring force come back to “cleanse” once more, and Capricorns tend to feel Saturn’s movements more acutely since it is your ruler. Read your individual sign messages HERE for more insight.
Saturn in Scorpio is one of the most powerful forces in astrology and this force has been obvious since Saturn entered Scorpio on 10/6/12 for the first time since 1982. Contentious US politics, Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre with subsequent gun control battle, and re-lit Arab Spring fires are prime examples. Scorpio is a deep, hot water sign so the image of lava simmering to a scorching rage to be released later is an apt one for Saturn backing up in Scorpio. For people who have repressed anger, fear and other negative emotions this energy creates a fertile field to nurse hatred and revenge. A good thing to be aware of for anyone involved in mental health, substance abuse counseling, law and similar work. And individually you need to be more conscious of any similar traits within your own psyche.
Luckily during Saturn’s retro phase the earlier stress from Mars/Aquarius eases with Mars in fellow water sign Pisces now. Chiron and Neptune are both traveling in Pisces too so harmonious trines are operative versus tense squares. Utilize the internal power of retro Saturn/Scorpio to tap even more deeply the healing power of Pisces to cleanse old wounds and you can heal in ways you never thought possible.
Mercury goes retrograde at 20° Pisces on 2/23 for the first of 3 times in 2013. Mercury stays retro until 3/17 and returns to 5° Pisces. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo so these two signs know more about how to handle Merc retro phases better than anyone. Of course this is because you’ve had to learn, like it or not. See your individual sign messages for more personal insight, and read more about general Mercury Retrograde trends with this year’s dates here MERC RETRO As always the basic rule is to check, check and double check everything!
Mercury retro always has trickster energy around communication, so it’s wise to watch what you say out loud in both voice and text. But Merc retro in Pisces does not create as many of the typical snafus it can in other signs. Messenger Mercury loves to fly in air signs, and in a watery sign like Pisces must learn to navigate differently. Ask Mercury/Pisces to explain something quickly, and you’ll likely just get a blank stare. Mercury in Pisces communicates more comfortably in symbolic form, as the painter, dancer, poet and mystic. In Pisces Mercury leaves the mundane to visit both deeper and higher realms of existence. Mercury joins in with the other planets traveling in Pisces now, so also adds energy to the dynamics with Saturn/Scorpio. Certainly helpful on the healing end of the spectrum, but might add to the smoldering, clinging to past pain on the other end.
This Pisces Mercury retro phase adds to the healing powers so prevalent now and is an excellent time to dive deep into creative pools you didn’t give yourself enough time to explore before. Combine the uplifting Aquarius spirit with all the spiritual Pisces energy and add the fact that the elegant and cultured Libra Moon graces both the first and last days of February, you get a heart centered, beautiful month! Which is what I wish for you. I recently found these amazing underwater photos HERE which beautifully capture the Aquarius/Pisces mixture this month Enjoy!
IMAGE NOTE: The picture – Lion’s Gate Mandala I chose for this Aquarius issue is a beautiful Mandala my good friend Monique Perrault created. I love the crystal blue Aquarius colors and star like design. So stunning and powerful too. Visit Mandala Sacred Lights to see more about Monique’s amazing mandalas and healing work.
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  1. What a gorgeous Mandala. I love astrology, but these kinds of readings make me confused. I don't think I know enough to get a good grasp. I try real hard though :)

  2. What a WONDERFUL blog post! I ventured upon your blog via another's and I must say, I'm happy and better for it! Not only have you inspired me, you've spoken to my inner gypsy/wanderer and motivated me to create something in blue this month because of Aquarius. I hope to find my way back here, several more times, in this new year! Thank you for such a lovely post! Cheers~ Bairbre Aine


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