Sunday, February 24, 2013

Natural Beauty

A friend of mine posted some pictures of the UK coast where she lives
and it made me think of The Bay of Fundy in Canada.

I spent 3 summers in Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy and loved it!
It was the first time I had ever seen coastline like that.
Very, very different from the Jersey Shore.

Seeing my friend's pictures reminded me
how much I miss living by the Sea
with a coastline like that.

It doesn't seem likely that I will return
to Northern California, 
much as I love it.

But, Maine still lurks in the back of my mind.
The coastline is similar to NorCal and
it's a much shorter trip there.

The thought of colder weather still makes me hesitate.
But the siren song of the Sea is simply
more persistent.

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