Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's Animal in Need


AmsterDog Rescue began in seed after a small group of volunteers got together to help animals in need in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We did fundraising, went down to rescue dogs
We are a non-profit group of volunteers. AmsterDog is Incorporated and has a Tax Id# for tax deductible donations. We are dedicated to the plight of abandoned animals, finding loving, responsible homes for animals on death-row, with special focus on the abused animals, who find themselves in city shelters, through no fault of their own.

We welcome questions, comments, volunteering, and donations.
We rely on our wonderful cross-posters and networking volunteers to help find the right home for each pet.

We are always in need of good foster homes. (click on categories on the right)

We know that saving one dog may not change the world, but to that dog, it is the whole world.
Company Overview
AmsterDog is all about rescuing animals in city shelters who would ordinarily be put down and helping to find them loving responsible homes.

We are a small group of animal loving volunteers devoted to the cause of “No Kill” and hope to make that concept a reality in our lifetime through raising awareness, promoting spay/neuter programs, fund-raising for pets who need vet care, and doing our small part to make the world a better place for all creatures.

As we continue our work, it becomes more and more clear….It is they who rescue us!
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