Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elaine Morgan and Aquatic Apes

I read Elaine Morgan's book, The Descent of Woman, over 20 years ago and I enjoyed it.  It made sense to me.  I'm not exactly sure why I starting digging around the internet yesterday looking for articles about her theory, but that's what happened.  I have not read any of her other books, but they are now on my list.

I watched the BBC program from 1998 about her and the theory - the quality was not a good one, so I went searching again and found this.  I also found a blog that is dedicated to this theory - I've only read a couple of entries and am looking forward to delving into it over the next few days.  I'm sure that the internet will yield even more treasures!

There are a lot of thoughts swirling around my little brain about this and how it relates to feminism, spirituality, evolution, the environment and Life - all subjects of vital interest to me.  As my thoughts coalesce and take a form which I can verbalize, you'll read about it here!


  1. Well she and ideas make perfect sense to me. I can't imagine why there is resistance or really what difference any theory would make if 'proven' to be true. But I am also sure that if anyone could explain that to me, it will be you Kathy. Your thirst for knowledge and curiosity are contagious.

    1. Thanks, Lisa - there is so much "out there" in which I am interested. When I pull it together, you will be one of the first who gets to know!

      I appreciate you and your being so open to my segues into "different" territories!


  2. Always nice to see people taking an interest in Elaine Morgan. :) Just for information, her website link no longer works. Here's the new url for it:


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