Monday, February 4, 2013

Natural Beauty

This was my herb garden several years ago.

Someone threw out a bookcase

which I immediate grabbed

seeing its potential as

 a splendid container garden.

I am looking forward to

planting another garden this year.

I bought my first herb already.

Lemon Thyme.

She sits in the sunny window

dreaming of warm weather

and having her roots

sink deeply

in the Earth.

I have some other herbs

from last year that will return

in the warmer weather.

Thyme, Greek oregano, sage, several mints.

I'm amazed that the rosemary

is still standing and is still green.

Maybe she'll actually make it through this cold snap?

Let's hope!

Last Winter was so mild, she thrived.


  1. A bookcase as a container garden is so clever! In Sedona a great many of our gardens were, by necessity, container gardens. But we still mostly grew peppers and squash!

    Here's hoping the rosemary withstands whatever is left of our winter!

    1. I gardened in containers for years, so my eyes are always looking at things with that in mind! This bookcase was perfect for the herbs and other things I planted. It was like a large raised bed - no kneeling on the ground, easy on the back and very utilitarian!


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