Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Haiku - numero dos

(Image from here)

What did you expect?
Grinning Cheshire cat, perhaps?
Dif 'rnt Wonderland.

Rebecca is hosting Haiku My Heart Friday, where you can read some really fabulous haikus.
Click here to be transported.
Haiku by blogger
(there is another haiku offering right below this one)


Although the link describes the chameleon as a "rainbow chameleon," I think it is actually a "Panther chameleon."  It seems that in order to sell some of these critters, people just make up "designer" names for them.

You can read about the panther chameleon here.


  1. seriously BEAUTEOUS!!!
    looking like a beaded masterpiece. nature is always a bright inspiration!

  2. There is something about that mathematically spiraled tail that reminds me of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!

  3. Nature never fails to blow me away ! What a beautiful Creature !
    Happy Friday !

  4. If that's not the coolest thing I've seen in long awhile, I don't know what is! Nature sure is a beautiful thing! Love you haiku...very clever!

  5. Well... your haiku number two has ME smiling like a cheshire cat! Love seeing this and I too am amazed by the beauty of nature. Don't you wish we could change our clothes like this??? XO

  6. Well, I have never seen anything so poised and quite so beautiful! and I love love love your haiku! total whimsey on a stick (or whatever that little fella is sitting on ;-P)

  7. one just cannot beat nature for colors and patterns! I love this Wonderland, dear heart!

  8. He is beautiful...but even calling him a "rainbow chameleon" doesn't make me want to own him...I prefer a cuddly smiling cat :) ♥♥


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