Monday, January 14, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

2308 Auburn Ave Atco NJ 08004 Contact Us: 856 210 6028
Company Overview
Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue Inc is a NJ non-profit animal shelter. Saving lives since January of 2000, LMRR has placed thousands of animals into loving forever homes.

Helmed by our Board of Directors, President Christine Corson, VP Justin Evans, and Executive Directors Midge McArdle, Julie Henik & Vicky Ewald, Little Miracles continues to strive towards becoming the best shelter in NJ for small animals.
We improve the lives of domestic rabbits through the coordination of local volunteer-driven education, rescue, and adoption efforts.

To accomplish this goal:

•We provide resources to educate the public on the benefits of rabbits as companion animals, rabbit behavior, and rabbit care.
•We coordinate the rescue of rabbits from individuals looking to surrender, strays, and shelter rabbits needing placement. We foster them, provide medical care if needed, spay and neuter and adopt them following our group's standards.
•We attend adoption events, and pet expos, in order to provide education to the public and create a larger network for finding foster and adoptive homes.
•We collectively fund raise locally, as well as online in order to provide for the day-to-day costs, spay/neuter fees, medical costs and other needs of the rescue.
General Information
Day-to-Day Operations
Every day, Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue care for approximately 60 rabbits at our main facility. Volunteers arrive from near and far to help feed and water, distribute hay and veggies. Volunteers work alone or in groups.

7-10 of the bunny runs are cleaned every day, to keep the kennel organized and neat. Every week 2-8 bunnies are spayed and neutered through the two vets we use.

Drs. Castano and Laferriere visit the rescue - checking out quarantined new bunnies, and following up on bunnies already on medication. We're thrilled to have them on our team!

Every week the rescue handles more than 100 phone calls, dozens of emails, performs interviews, handles information and education calls, meets with potential new homes and sends rabbits off with forever families. We're always looking for hard-working folks to help us in our endeavor! Want to help? Let us know!

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