Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Haiku

River turtle's tears
help butterflies reproduce
Love's symbiosis 

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Haiku by blogger

In Ecuador's YasunĂ­ National Park, butterflies sip a yellow-spotted river turtle's tears. The mineral-rich liquid helps the insects reproduce. In exchange, the reptile gets a good eye-cleaning. | Photo by Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures
Image and text found here.


  1. This haiku (and your explanation) made my heart sing today! How we all need each other!

  2. good morning delphyne. this image is so gorgeous!
    your haiku is glorious as is the nature of love!

    what if every time a person cried butterflies hovered in all their delicate colorful beauty as close as breathing? the image of this reminds one that even deep sorrow is a path of transformation.

    thank you for brightening my morning!

  3. Lovely photograph and haiku is very life reflective ~ well penned ~ ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  4. I've never heard about this - how facinating! Love the picture and your wonderful haiku - makes me dream of spring!

  5. ♥♥♥

    wonderful photo & words !!

    {{ in my not-so-far-back past
    i did riverine turtle rescue ...
    of course i did,
    turtle missing one flipper*leg
    swim in circles
    and are soon toast...

    i raised 3-legged river turtles,
    isn't life the funniest thing !!

    raised them from the size of walnuts
    until they were dinner-plate size,
    releasing them
    into florida ponds
    for log-basking eternity...

    the love of a turtle
    is a strange but satisfying love }}

    so happy
    to start 2013
    at your poetic side

  6. It is amazing how nature works in harmony. This is a lovely haiku.

  7. I have never, ever before heard of such a thing! Such an incredible image, and your haiku says it all... what a wondrous world we live in, so glad to be here with you... XO

  8. Nature is so divine, isn't it? The tears of the people cleanse the souls of our ancestors.


  9. What a neat bit of enlightenment. Thanks for the info and the precious haiku.

  10. Oh my gosh -- a science lesson, a beautiful photo and perfect words to bless us.

  11. not sure if this is a scientific fact, but I love the whole idea!

  12. Awesome bit of information. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful!! Haiku is perfect. :)

  13. wow, such enlightenment, I love knowing that!

  14. Thanks, everyone, for your comments and visit! Fridays are always a joy with reading your haiku offerings and your comments!!

    Happy weekend to you all!!

  15. Symbiosis at its best. Remarkable relationship.

  16. Amazing how there is a reason for everything under the sun...I always learn something from you Kathy...♥


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