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Heavenly Message by Melissa - 1/2013

January 1, 2013
Happy New Year Friends!
2013 has arrived – we made it through the end of times and back again. Personally, I’m ready to wipe the past like a clean slate and begin a totally new era – how about you?
If you are into numerology you’ll notice 2013 reduces to the number 6, a nice vibration! Six is the number of love and harmony. “The Lovers” is the number 6 card in Tarot decks and 6 is associated with positive, healing energy. Learn more about what a 6 vibration means HERE You’ll read below about the astrology as 2013 begins, which offers distinct choices. It’s nice that a 6 vibration is part of the overall harmonics too, giving more weight to love and concern for others.
January 1st has not always been the first day of a new year. Different cultures throughout time have chosen their own markers. In our current era governed by very material based societies it seems fitting the first day of the year arrives on 1/1 when the Sun is always in is down-to-earth Capricorn the sign most closely connected to worldly structures.
Capricorn is a dignified, capable earth sign ruled by Saturn, Lord of Time. Capricorn has two symbols – The Mountain Goat, representing mastery of the material realm, and The Sea Goat, indicating the emotional and spiritual depths to be reached once the outer world is mastered.
If you are born with Sun in Capricorn you are learning the value of perseverance against all odds and to set appropriate boundaries allowing you to achieve goals others never reach. These quotes of famous Sun in Capricorn people reflect these qualities:
People have the power to redeem the work of fools. ~ Patti Smith
Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. ~ Kahlil Gilbran
The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. ~ Carlos Castaneda
Also wanted to add this one by Ben Franklin which I had never seen before, because it reflects so well the Sea Goat side of this accomplished material master:  Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~ Benjamin Franklin
2013 marks the 16th year I have been writing Heavenly Messages as a monthly column and I enjoy doing it now as much as I did when I began and I hope you enjoy it too! A warm welcome to all new readers and a special sweet smile to those of you who have been following Heavenly Messages since day one. I feel like we are family and thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart.
Wishing you and yours Bright Blessings for 2013!
~ Melissa
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Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (at 21° Capricorn) is on 1/11 at 2:44p, the Full Moon (at 7° Leo) is on 1/26 at 11:38p, the Sun enters Aquarius on 1/19 at 4:52p, and Jupiter goes direct at 6° Gemini on 1/30. All times are ET
2013 begins with a nice, yet ironically complex, blend of astro energy. All elements: fire, earth, air and water are represented and although there are a few nasty challenges the planets play well together too. At the individual level – i.e. YOU, there are nice patterns for everyone to take and run with for 2013. Read your individual sign messages belowfor more personal insight. At the collective level the challenges are more distinct as powerful players continue their ridiculous, yet potent face-offs, hanging onto their entrenched positions to the bitter end. Examples like US Congress and President Assad in Syria give you that picture.
The Moon, which represents the public mood, is in bright fire sign Leo on New Year’s day sending out a glowing beam to Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius. Venus in bouncy, optimistic Sag takes this warm glow and sends it far and wide to those ready to receive. Radar Uranus in the 3rd fire sign Aries is further away but happy to help relay this confidence around.
Helping to ground this nice glow are a group of cosmic players clustered in Capricorn. On 1/1 Mercury – the Communicator; asteroid Juno – the Committed; Pluto – the Transformer, and our very own Star – the shining Sun are all closely aligned in earthy, capable, productive Capricorn. Capricorn is the “adult in the room” so sorely needed in current public dialog. On 1/8 Venus also enters Capricorn to add a more delicate, yet firm touch to world discourse. This bodes well for cooler heads to prevail.
Mars, planet of action and motivation, is in icy, intelligent air sign Aquarius on 1/1. Mars entered Aquarius on Christmas Day, the first time in 2 years Mars has visited maverick, “power to the people” Aquarius. Mars begins the year at 5° Aquarius and remains here all January (thru 2/1). Mars’ Aquarius transit at the dawn of 2013 indicates the people are ready to rumble, not just with their fists but with their smarts too!
Easing this along is a trine (harmony and flow aspect) from Mars to Regal Jupiter stationed in air sign Gemini. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and Gemini represents the tribal mind of the world – the average folk just going about their lives who too often get trampled by the Big Boots of the mighty and powerful. It’s pretty clear average folk are getting trampled lately. Here in the US from hurricane Sandy devastation, to the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School (did anyone else notice the name repeated here?) to the “fiscal cliff” insanity, and elsewhere look to the Syrian people getting slaughtered by their own government. If Mars has his way (and this warrior planet usually does!) with Jupiter’s very large assistance, 2013 looks to bend this trend a different direction. Jupiter is retrograde on 1/1 which indicates an inward movement building to trigger later, perhaps when Jupiter goes direct later this month on 1/30.
The Big Boots end of this spectrum is represented by Lordly Saturn now stationed in the most powerful sign of the zodiac – Scorpio throughout 2013 and beyond. Saturn begins the year at 9° Scorpio which means Mars in Aquarius forms a tense 90° angle challenging Saturn’s position of power. Saturn is the 2nd largest planet whose movements most definitely affect world affairs and Mars’ trigger-like energy is cocked squarely at Saturn’s rings. This dynamic showdown is very evident between those who represent the 1 per centers versus the 99 percent, most obvious here in the US, but in many other parts of the globe as well, specifically the Arab Spring world. Another example can be seen in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s (himself with major Scorpio in his birth chart) spiteful decision to cut off American adoptions of Russian children including disabled orphans.
This tense Mars/Saturn fixed square is also evident in the contemptuous “dialog” between entrenched groups like the NRA versus grieving parents and other average folk horrified at unabated gun carnage. Yet this same energy also prompted thousands of “mavericks” who rushed out and stocked up on even more deadly arms and ammunition to defend their personal concept of freedom.
In an ironic twist, at this same cosmic moment, Saturn in Scorpio also forms a lovely, healing trine to Chiron – the wounded healer, and Neptune – satellite dish to higher values, both traveling in fellow water sign Pisces. Pisces at its positive level is the most spiritual, pure, “one love” energy of all signs. This beautiful trine is a once in a life time cosmic event. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was 50 years ago and even more significantly, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was during the 19th century Victorian era, and Saturn only reaches Scorpio once in 30 years. Point being friends, anyone alive now has never experienced this before! Here at the dawn of 2013 (after the world did not end on 12/21/12, btw) this loving force marks the beginning of a new, higher vibration era.
The asterisk on this trine points to a footnote which reads: only those ready to choose and use this loving energy have ready access to it. As if to highlight this further, in another ironic twist, at the identical time retro Jupiter forms a square to both Chiron and Neptune. This challenge is not as problematic as the fixed Mars/Saturn angle, because the mutable signs of Gemini and Pisces indicate their tension is more easily integrated, then resolved. This square manifests similarly to the concept mentioned above, where some people point to loving one another more as the answer, while others rush out fearfully to buy more assault weapons. Gemini is also the sign of communication, so resolution can be found by more open dialog (positive Gemini) with less reactionary judgmentalism (neg Pisces). It is possible to find common ground – May it be so!
Mars, true to his rammy vibration, continues to make more astro news on New Year’s day. Along with the trine and square discussed above, Mars in Aquarius also forms a positive aspect called a sextile (a 60° angle) to Uranus traveling in Aries. Uranus is the planet of revolutionary change and is in year 2 of a 7 year Aries transit. What makes this aspect more potent is that Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius where Mars is currently stationed, and Mars rules Aries where Uranus now travels so their mutuality makes a more dynamic blend.
The symbol for a sextile looks like a pin-wheel, symbol for sextile and like one it must be activated to achieve its potential. (You can read more about sextiles and all the aspects HERE)   Aries, a focused fire sign, is the first sign in the zodiac and represents raw emerging energy, yearning to create new and different ways to address reality. Uranus acts like a cosmic transmission tower beaming in this energy to us here below while Mars is the ultimate activator. Their sextile as the new year begins indicates a true potential in 2013 to rise above the tired, old, dysfunctional dinosaur brain mentality and manifest new, more positive, forward thinking patterns.
Uranus “the Awakener” was a potent cosmic mover and shaker during the 2011 Arab Spring era, and in 2013 continues to broadcast this Aries message of “The past is dead – wake up and create the future!” On 1/1 along with the positive sextile to Mars, Uranus also blasts open an ongoing challenge to the Capricorn energy band so prevalent at the beginning of this year. Uranus forms an exact square to asteroid Juno (both at 4°) and a close angle to Mercury, Pluto and more loosely to the Sun all in Capricorn. This square is part of the much discussed Cardinal Cross which has been a stark marker in the heavens since the Fall of 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn for the first time in almost 250 years. Pluto in Capricorn continues to bring relentless transformation to the edifices of worldly power and Uranus/Aries is doing all he can to help things along, even if it means blood flows in the streets. This square at the beginning of the year adds momentum to the challenge faced by world authority figures who resist change.
So here, at the beginning of 2013 the heavens point in many directions: some beautiful and filled with grace, while others lead to more fear and manipulation. As always it’s up to us here below to make choices about how to manifest this energy. What will you choose? My wish is that we all choose to create more love and joy in life, that you personally will realize as the quote from Carlos Castaneda says which is worth repeating: The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.And so it is my friends. In fact I have learned over the years when, like good old Ben Franklin you choose “sunlight”, happiness, joy and an optimistic outlook, it’s not really work at all – it’s Fun!
Happy 2013 to all!
PHOTO NOTE:  I chose this photo of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, because it is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. This is a photo taken by the Cassini Spacecraft in 2006  during a Solar Eclipse.   You can see the original photo and a complete explanation of how it was taken at NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day  HERE There are plenty more incredible space photos here too.  It’s a great site I visit every day for inspiration. You’ll love it too!

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