Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

BRENNA - Setter mix, female, 1 year, 50-60 lbs. Brenna is a happy, extremely smart, young, active girl. She does like to check out the situation first, but once she does she is a sweet and friendly pup. Brenna loves to be around and play with other dogs. She has one of the cutest play bows her foster home has ever seen and she plays for hours daily with her canine foster brothers. She is completely housebroken, is crate trained, and has wonderful house manners. She does enjoy cuddling on the couch and sleeping on the bed and we’re not sure how easy it will be to keep her off of the furniture. 
Brenna came from a local shelter where she proved to be reactive in stressful situations. Once in a foster home, it was apparent that her behavior was manageable and she has made great progress since coming into the program. There was an incident where her previous foster mother was bitten over her food bowl, but tremendous work has gone into correcting that behavior and aggression over her food bowl has all but disappeared in her foster home. 
Unfortunately, she still shows signs of guarding when she has gotten a hold of something she’s not supposed to have, but if food is kept away from her this problem can easily be controlled. Because of this, however, Brenna needs to be placed in an adult only home. Brenna responds extremely well to positive, reward based training. She needs someone willing to work with her in a consistent and firm, yet gentle way. Brenna may need some special TLC, but will melt your heart and make a great addition to the right home.

About Us
Peppertree Rescue Inc.
PO Box 2396
Albany, NY  12220-0396
(518) 435-7425
Check out our video: Peppertree Video

What Do We Do?
Rescue dogs of good temperament and find them new homes
Cooperate with and assist other rescues, shelters, and animal control
Educate the public about the "good" ways to obtain a companion animal
The primary purpose of Peppertree is to help find homes for dogs in need who represent the character and temperament commonly associated with Golden Retrievers friendliness, intelligence and a peaceful, loving nature. Those of us who formed Peppertree worked for many years with a Golden rescue group, GRROWLS-NY, which continues to assist Goldens and almost-Goldens in upstate New York. In the course of this work, we became increasingly aware of the many Golden mixes, Golden "wannabes" and the utterly non-Golden dogs who exhibit these same wonderful characteristics and who very much deserve a second chance. Since GRROWLS is there for the purebred and almost-purebred, we felt that a refuge was needed for the "others of Golden spirit."

Peppertree will also assist and hopefully contribute to the growing interconnection between rescue groups, shelters and others working with homeless animals. We will publish contact information for rescues and shelters our area we will notify responsible rescue groups when we learn of dogs of their breed and we will help to continue the efforts already begun to develop a working, sharing community of all area rescue groups those for specific breeds, for all breed and mixes, for dogs, for cats, or for other animals.

Our public education work will stress the importance of spay/neuter. We will also attempt to convince families and individuals looking for a companion animal to consider only TWO alternatives 1) adopting a "second hand" dog from a rescue, a shelter or a private party, or 2) obtaining a puppy or older dog from a responsible breeder -- one who guarantees, in writing, that they will always take back and lovingly care for their dogs so that those dogs will never need to be rescued. As with all rescue groups, our most fervent prayer is for the day when we will no longer be needed.

Who Are We?
We are volunteers who hold many different jobs in "real" life teachers, lawyers, homemakers, government workers, retirees. We are not "professionals" in animal behavior or training or health, although we have -- and use -- contacts with those who are. As noted, many of us worked for a number of years in Golden Retriever rescue, and the traditional qualities of that breed are what we look for in a "Peppertree Dog."

How Do We Select Our Dogs?
In accepting dogs into our program, preference is given to those facing euthanasia, to those living in shelters or pounds, and to those in untenable living situations. We also attempt to accommodate owner turn-ins, to keep those dogs from from facing such fates and to allow them to go from one home to another with less disruption.

We have made every effort to develop screening criteria and procedures that will help us identify dogs with good temperament, those who will successfully become beloved family members. Because of our background and base of knowledge, and because of their typical characteristics, we will probably focus on mixes and purebreds from the sporting breeds. But any dog, of whatever breed or mix, that exhibits a "Golden" temperament can qualify for our program.

This is not to say that all of our dogs will be "perfect." Many will come with some baggage, even trauma, from previous life experiences. And sometime our screening mechanisms will simply fail and we will have a dog with one or more genuine problems. We will be as honest as possible about the characteristics of our dogs, and any flaws or limitations they may exhibit. We will also work with our adopters to help them and their new family member best adjust to each other.

Like a good breeder, we "stand behind" our dogs and require that they be returned to us in the event that they cannot - at any time - remain in their new home.

How Can I Adopt A Peppertree Dog?
The first step in the adoption process is for the new family to complete an adoption application, which is available on our website. After your application is received, you will receive regular notification regarding the dogs available for adoption and will be invited to our clinics to meet our dogs. If there is a particular dog that you are interested in or that seems suited to you, you may be put in touch with the dog's foster family so that you can learn more about it from those who know best.

Once a match is made, you will be asked to sign a Trial Placement agreement and an adoption contract and to give us a check for the adoption fee. Barring exceptional circumstances (medical problems, extreme age, etc.) the adoption fee will be $200.00 for puppies (up to 6 months) and $175.00 for all other dogs. Until the trial placement is successfully completed, we will simply hold the adoption contract and fee. Typically the trial placement period is two weeks.

Your dog will be spayed or neutered, will have received the normal set of shots rabies, distemper, bordatella, and will have been tested, and if necessary treated, for heartworm and intestinal worms. (If medical reasons or age have prevented any of this from being done, special arrangements will be made.) In most cases, there will be no need for further veterinary treatment during the trial placement period, but you are free to have a consultation, at your own expense, if you wish to assure yourself that the dog is healthy.

The trial placement period gives you a chance to get to know the dog that has been selected for you and allows the dog to exhibit its normal behavior -- often quite different (and usually better!) than you will see at a clinic or initial meeting.   During this time, Peppertree volunteers will be available for you to consult and will help with adjustment problems, new-owner questions, and the like. If it seems to be needed, an extension of time can be granted before the adoption is final. Once all agree that this is, indeed, the dog for you, your adoption contract will be executed, your adoption fee deposited, and, for tax purposes, a receipt written for any amount beyond the fee that you may have contributed.

Our involvement does not end there, however. You will now be part of the Peppertree "family." You will receive one free issue to our newsletter, and we will continue to be available for consultation on further adjustment concerns, or to hear and applaud your brags! For your dog, Peppertree will have stepped into the role that a good breeder would fill -- with a lifetime commitment to the well-being of our charges, and their families.

Peppertree Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law. A copy of Peppertree's latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from Peppertree or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. Click here for information on how you can help.


  1. This dog is gorgeous.

    Soon I get to move. And then I need to deal with a few things. So I'm a few months (minimum) from a dog. But oh how I want one. Love.

    1. She's a beauty, isn't she? I will look forward to seeing and hearing about who finds you, Em! I can sense the wheels turning in your meeting each other!


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