Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nightly Beauty List

(Image from here)
Bright yellow dandelion beneath the melting snow.  In January! 
Kylie's dedication to her "job" - the laundry.  Making sure that the washer doesn't go walk about and running home from our afternoon walk to check on the dryer.  Even leaving her cookie untouched until she was sure! 
Millie going walk about in the early, dark morning and my getting out of bed, without my glasses, to see some strange little creature waddling around on the carpet.  Too big for a mouse.  I think she'd been exploring for a few hours!  Jump started my heart early today! 
The fragrance of potatoes roasting with garlic and fresh rosemary and Greek oregano, still growing in my container gardens. In January!
Clean sheets on my bed. 
Long conversation with a friend this afternoon with whom I haven't spoken in months. 
The basement drying out after the flooding the weekend before Christmas. 
Julia Child on TV now.
Reading that a 12 year old abandoned Doxie who was hurt and caged in a small pen at a shelter was pulled by a rescue and is safe.


  1. Lovely. Do you have any idea what happened to the "ugly" dog in Los Angeles? I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and it's making me tear right now. (If I were still out there, I would have gone and gotten that dog in a heartbeat. Homeless or not. I'd have figured it out.)

    1. I answered my own question. He's safe.Here's the link:

    2. It's wonderful when people care about animals that are deemed unadoptable or "ugly." I'm relieved to hear this!

      There are a few of them on my FB page that I keep checking - heartbreaking to say the least. But, I have to remember that there ARE people who care and can save them. One day, we will be a No Kill nation - sooner rather than later is my hope!

    3. Mine too!

      I am publishing a poem in my blog post tomorrow that I wrote yesterday, about another "too ugly to be adopted dog".

      My beautiful Turner, who had very similar problems. (She was in the waiting period of a week before she was going directly to be killed when I saw her and claimed her. I MADE them take my money as an advanced payment for her even though she wasn't eligible for adoption yet. I called every day to remind them she was mine, too. She was one of the greatest dogs ever.)

    4. I just read your poem, Em and it's beautiful. I especially loved "for love is the thing a dog does best."


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