Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shower me with Beauty

(Image from here)

This is the shower of my dreams!


  1. Ooh, outside! Although it looks nothing like it, it reminds me of Santa Monica because they have a shower at the beach. Just outside, right down the stairs from the pier. Which I love.

    1. I think that some of the beaches here in NJ have showers, too - I seem to recall them when I was a kid. I don't go to the beach here - or as they say, I don't go to the shore. I had a bout with melanoma in 1991 and stay pretty covered up when in the sun. Besides, I can't stand all of those people and am much more partial to the beaches in the SF Bay Area or up in Maine or Nova Scotia.

    2. You might prefer the Connecticut beaches. They're especially wonderful in the winter when no one is on them. Or the Cape. (I will probably drive to the Cape a couple of times this winter just to see the ocean. I love Western Mass but it's definitely landlocked.)

    3. I've never been to the Cape or to the shores of Ct. I have been to Maine and Nova Scotia and love the ruggedness of their coastlines.


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