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COSMIC NEWS: Make a Joyful Noise


Image: Double Horizon at Windswept Bay, oil painting by author.

Some old and some new thoughts for the

March 11, 3:51pm EDT, 12:51pm PDT, 7:51pm GMT
is the first of this Chinese Year of the Water Snake, thematically hosting an ocean of Pisces planets: Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Sun-Moon and Mars.

NEPTUNE continues to rule in its own Dreamtime sign, with increasingly subtle affects that stir the soul but slide sideways and slippery in the mundane world, especially with Mercury retrograde. Our level of emotional sensitivity may be more open and impressionable, needing plenty of down time to clear the waters. Watch out what you watch, as images may stick with you longer and haunt your waking hours.

MERCURY is retrograde until the 17th, communing with Neptune for this New Moon. How is your perception realigning? "Life is but a dream." What we thought was happening is likely not the current "reality." Projections and expectations are being busted like soap bubbles. Distractions, wonderments and confusions diffuse any clear-edged reality, which eludes our grasp and seems to shapeshift when we try to locate our space-time coordinates. There are many "realities" to choose from if we see it that way.

[SATURN in SCORPIO supports this proposition, agreeing that reality is "in process" of being redefined.]

This Mercury retrograde is a fine time to allow the mind to deeply relax and offer up guidance in its quiet murmur, to "re-think" with the heart.] We can re-calibrate our perspective, our lens onto reality. Pioneering brain researcher Karl Pribram (check out his masterful new book, The Form Within), who coined the term "holographic brain". He realized that our basic view is of life is an open field of energy, unfocused without the lens of the eye (and I'd like to add, the "I"). It may be that we are currently more unfocussed than usual, or fuzzy-eyed, as new impressions come in. More of our brain cells turn on in the waves of light washing in from the photon belt.

CHIRON reminds us to "be here now" with quantum potential when being fully present.. The healing sensitivity of the current energy has a yearning for wholeness, compassion and forgiveness. Don't forget self-compassion. Pisces, especially with the presence of Neptune and Chiron, evokes a felt understanding that we are all one. This universal consciousness is opening in a poignant way.

VENUS is the strongest factor, instilling the New Moon with the quality of compassion. Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces, where its best qualities of universal love come forth, yet a tendency to demur and doubt from a hesitant lack of self-esteem can undermine one's strength in a Cinderella sort of way. Empathic identification may be an emotional drain or, on a more energizing level, be full of grace, uplifting spiritual devotion and aesthetic appreciation of the beauties of life and arts. Joy is a great contribution to the collective energy field and is available every moment of life.

MARS heads directly into its own sign, ARIES, immediately after the New Moon clicks in. Mars received the direct impact of a solar flare this past week. NASA had to put the Mars rover named "Curiosity" to sleep, while rover "Opportunity," lasting years beyond initial projections, is also sleeping. It's interesting to think about these names in relation to Mars, like a mirror to the collective consciousness of our Martian energy. I'm glad we have extra time for opportunity, and think "curiosity" is particularly apropos while Jupiter is in Gemini, the most curious sign.

Each planet will conjunct Uranus then square Pluto, giving us a few interesting days of exact alignment, with a wide margin of extended activity. It's rather like a non-stop action movie!:

With all these PISCES factors on the New Moon, we are easily picking up on energy all around us, especially as JUPITER in GEMINI is amplifying it all. So much data is coming in that our perceptions are skewed and altered. Choose your wavelength. Be vigilant about negative thoughts or feelings. Don't let them get a foothold.

Some of this amplified input is not "our stuff" to take on. Saturn in discerning Scorpio knows best. Let the energy keep flowing, and keep moving to avoid any cluttered emotional eddies. Let go all that is not resonating with JOY. Let's call on Virgo energy to balance out the Pisces emphasis. Our body is an amazingly intelligent vehicle. Smart phones are pale imitations. Listen to your body, support your health in this sensitized energy field, stay grounded with exercise, yoga—do whatever it takes to support the strength and wellbeing of your body, so very essential during the current Earth changes.

As in the Biblical Psalm,
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands!"

And a reminder from a SIXTIES song:
"Come on, people, smile on your brother,
Everybody get together and love one another right now!"

If we follow this good advice, we are in the right flow to enter the ARIES season of the year. Mars, Sun and Venus all enter the fire sign before the end of March, punctuating the Aries-Libra Full Moon with plenty of spunk and entrepreneurial spirit. Each planet will conjunct Uranus then square Pluto. The last week of March will be rather like a non-stop action movie! Are you ready to board the Starship Enterprise (such an Aries name): "to go where no one has gone before, to explore [and create] new civilizations!"


BLACK MOON LILITH is coloring the inner skies. An interesting report has come my way (thanks to Kathleen Jenks of Myth*ing Links) by Michael Wolfstar. Back we go to the original Garden of Eden story, when Lilith busted Adam's self-righteous machismo, Lilith is bringing down the Vatican!

COMET PAN-STARRS (Don't you just love this name!) made its closest approach to Earth on March 5, followed on March 10th by its closest approach to the Sun. As Comet Pan-STARRS passes the sun, solar glare will make it difficult to see this brightening comet, but by March 12th and 13th, the comet will reappear in the sunset skies of the northern hemisphere not far from the crescent Moon. Watch more at OZlenAvqLCI

My March ASTRO-SPECIAL is still available, particularly targeting the active Aries sector within the larger context of your chart, examining its repercussions to help you maneuver the upcoming Aries influx around Equinox, a major turning point with potent opportunities. We'll look for fresh insights, ideas and ah-hahs! that can open new vistas in your life. $120 for one hour.

COSMIC NEWS: Make a Joyful Noise

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