Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

Looking for Love and a permanent companion-type home: Gracie is a lovely Lady who will turn 28 yrs old on April 6. A large-pony/small horse sized gal who LOVES to be groomed and pampered. Can pack a little one around for pony-rides. She is a good babysitter for youngsters, will hold her own with middle-of-the-pack types or more submissive horses. but doesn't need to be chased and harrassed by a dominant type. 
Gracie: 28 yrs young. Based on her freezebrand, we have recently ID’d her as a breeding stock/non-colored Appaloosa mare --GG's Penny Lover, solid sorrel/chestnut Appaloosa, Foaling date: April 8, 1985.

Gracie is doing well -- she had her teeth floated on 1/10/13. She steadily gaining weight. She's sweet and gentle, but will hold her own with other horses, so a good companion. She is on a senior diet, is currently also receiving Amplify Nuggets to regain weight. She can eat some hay, but we also give her soaked alfalfa cubes..
We would LOVE to line up an adoptive/permanent foster home for her. Please PM me if interested Due to her age, we'd like to keep her close to the NJ area, she shouldn't have to travel far.

Photo: Mark Howell


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