Friday, March 8, 2013

Natural Beauty - something a little different


Emilio Rodriguez who paid a surprise visit to an elderly homeless woman - Andrea Chaparro on her birthday. He presents her with small gifts and a doughnut as the cake. He encourages the crowd to sing happy birthday to her... watch as it happened :)
Wishing every one A Very Happy Women's Day.
The translation goes like this:
Man: Happy Birthday!
Woman: AAaaaaheeeeeeeiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sweet (que lindo, I think).
Man: How are you?
Woman: Good, how nice!
Man: How have you been?
Woman: How sweet!
Man: Happy Birthday.
Woman: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Dog: Bark, bark bark, bark.
Man: How have you been, I brought you a few doughnuts.
Woman: Aeeeeeeiii, good!
Man: Well first you need to put on this party hat.
Woman: No, no because, well look (shows hair).
Man: That does not matter, on top of your hat is ok!
Woman: Laughter.
Man: There we go!
Woman: Aeeeeeeiiii
Man: Necklace.
Woman: Aeeeeiiiii for me?
Man: Yes of course!
Man: Oh and I brought you that photo I promised you.
Woman: Is that for me?
Man: Yes mam! Here is your photo! The one I promised, for you to keep!
Woman: Aeeeeiiiii (Indiscernible)
Man: I brought this one for you to keep.
Man: Mam give me a second so we can sing Happy Birthday. Would you like that?
Woman: Good!
Man: (Shouts) Will anyone help me sing Happy Birthday for her? Will anyone join in? Anybody? Well it does not matter, no problem!
Other man: I'll join you.
Woman: Aeeeeeiiiiiii
Man: Watch out, the dog.
Crowd: Will you be singing happy birthday?
Man: Of course of course! Her name is Andrea.
Crowd: (Sings Happy Birthday).
Woman: Thank you! Thank You! I am so happy! thank you everyone, you've made me very happy, thank you!
Man: Take this balloon, make a wish and when it's in your heart let it go!
Woman: I don't know what to ask for.
Man: It does not matter, it's your birthday, ask for what you want and let go of the balloon!
Woman: I'm just happy, may everyone be happy.
Crowd: (Cheering)

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